Mar 28, 2011


to the person who asked me this:

'what to do when your friend has changed?'

supposed best friend. buddy. jimui. hengdai. partner-in-crime. twin. 'other' half. pig dog friend.

that person whom you grew up with. or felt like you've known forever. who finished your sentences for you. memories together could fill countless trilogies. the friendship which you thought could never change and will stretch into your adulthood.

Y U NO SAME indeed.

apart from feeling aghast, speechless, hurt, pekcek. what else can you do?

according to my sociology textbook's social exchange theory,
you will either change yourself to accept the changed friend, or leave the relationship,
depending on whether you think this relationship will bring you
more rewards than costs,
or costs than rewards.

i personally think this theory is kinda chilling.

chilling, but true.

it never feels good when a crack appears in the picture. do you still love this friend? what's the reason behind the change? can you accept what is this friend doing? is it in line with your beliefs? what would your life be like without this friend? there are too many questions, too little answers.

take it? or leave it?

for me, after trying my best to salvage, and its too late, i give up.

by that time i also no energy liao lah.

but you can give up with the feeling that you had tried your best.

but prayer works :)

anyway, you'll still have a best friend who looks out for you all the time, so no need worry lah!

all the best ya~

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