Mar 6, 2011


i wonder how. i wonder why.

how exactly do people make decisions.

to just pull up their roots and leave.

maybe their roots had been disintegrating for sometime.

maybe worms had eaten away their foundations and i had been too blind to see it coming.

how could it be that years of relationship be uprooted in that moment?

i have absolutely no idea how. and why either.

perhaps its just me being stagnant.

but it had never occurred to me that i'm particularly stagnant.

is it that they're 'flighty' in other terms?

just why some people can be so cold-hearted?

maybe making this decision hurt them as much as it did me, maybe more.

but the reasons behind, unfathomable.

might be disappointment, might be shame, might be future undertakings.

i wish you best in all that you do.

and thank you for the memories.

love you.


p.s: i WANT a DSLR!!

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