Mar 24, 2011

Birthdays are not necessarily 'Happy Birthdays'.

wee wang wang, its liz yap hong li's birthday this tuesday and since its been some time there's a birthday that i'm actually 'motivated' to 'celebrate, i got her a tiramisu from starbucks *based on a very blur memory that she likes tiramisu* with chiuling lo. one thing you guys should know about me. i never commit people's birthdays to memory and depend heavily upon facebook reminders. i get my own dad's birthdate wrong too. i am terrible in the sense that i want others to celebrate my birthday yet i forget theirs sometimes. am i? don't we all? maybe we don't. i'll just apologize once again and try to make an effort next time. note the word 'try' :)

*pictures taken by liz herself*
i think that tiramisu looks like a pot of soil when seen from above. heard that it tastes good. at least my sis-in-law loves it. i have never tried it personally though, since i don't really like tiramisu cakes. hope liz liked it haha.

then chiuling got her a card, so we signed it and then popped a few hansaplasts for her since she's forever hurting herself during volleyball matches. you're welcome, liz. happy birthday~

*and that's the end of the good stuff we did for her birthday*

let the bad stuff begin.

last minute birthday present prepared by me and chiuling too. free of charge. its um.... free stuff... and girls need to use those 'stuff' its kinda useful present for her. at least we didn't give her g-strings right. anyway, we signed our wishes all over the 'wrapping paper' and then asked vball's ex-chairperson rex to have a 'present-presenting ceremony'. He still doesn't know what's inside it hahaa.

if you're thinking why she looks so wet here....... its not due to sweat from practice or whatever.
we originally planned to have a surprise cake and then use volleyball to spike her in the face, but rex failed in his attempt and the bakery actually disappeared. so no cake, no ball biscuit, we were kinda frantic about what to do as 'celebration' when wilson offered a really crazy solution.

since its sports fiesta and

we had free bottled water and

most of us brought our own water bottle


good friends, aren't we?

happy birthday!!!

guys and gals, remember, never go volleyball practice on your birthday as the treatment is guaranteed to be 'first-class'~

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