Mar 31, 2011

Of March and Food Stunts.

Today's the last day of March! (Go get your Baskin Robbins tub at 31% off!)

I feel that i've been quite rajin in updating my blog this month~ At least last week i updated quite a lot la. 14 posts so far! compared with february's measly 9, i feel that i have quite an accomplishment here hieh hieh.. anyway, this week i haven't blogged anything yet, so here's a post for the sake of posting one:

What's the hottest news in March for food-loving Malaysians?

It's the McDonald's Breakfast set!

Take that non-Malaysians we have the coolest offer ever! with rm5 of purchase you can get 2 FREE sets of big breakfast! I have seriously no idea why would McDonald's take the drastic action to offer this. Malaysians with their stomachs endless gaping holes and penchant for cheap and good food of course would take advantage of this. What's more, this voucher can be printed or photocopied! black and white copies with the writing hardly discernible can be used too!

All through March i see people taking these vouchers to photcopy shops, holding thick stacks of vouchers in their hands and passing out to friends, colleagues, lining up at McDonald's... Many people also uploaded their McD Breakfast achievements on facebook, with at least 10 or more Big Breakfasts stacked up....

haha i admit that i went twice too~

but i don't have those humongous numbers though. To make up for shocking numbers, i have cute!

hieh hieh hand-drawn ketchup face :)

The first time me and sis went, we couldn't eat that much, so we gave away one set to Aeron (delivery neh!) at SEGi... haha felt like i did a good deed that day...

anyway, we were wondering why exactly did McDonald's pull off this stunt. People were talking about it, people were excited about it, people were mourning at 11am today because it meant that The McDonald's Big Breakfast Offer is officially over.

Why ah why. (i mean the stunt) it's not like people aren't aware of McDonald's breakfast anyway (so i guess its not to raise awareness of new product). Let's see...

If one spent rm5 for 2 coffees and got 2 free big breakfasts, that equals rm2.50 per person for 1 refillable coffee, 2 muffins, 1 sausage, 1 scrambled egg, 1 hash brown, not to mention the ketchup, packaging, creamer, sugar, chili sauce....

If you bought one filet-o-fish for the rm5, you can actually spend rm5 for 3 meals!
its like doing business rugi... haha.. don't care la, since we're the greedy customers who want to eat anyway :DD that day, my german language lecturer told us that in Germany, there're no free flow of ketchup in McDonalds. You need to request and pay for the packets of ketchup. Is that true? O.o And i know that only in Malaysia we have that free refill thingy in fast food restaurants. Malaysians really have the best deal yea~ *Give thanks

on another note, here's my favourite food in the world!

ok la i know i have a lot of 'favorite' foods. this is Portuguese Egg Tart from King's Confectionery. I have been looking for this egg tart for so long, and then this bakery seemed to have closed down some of their outlets, so they're really 'elusive' :(

anyway, went to buy andrew's birthday cake that fateful monday, and when i least expected it there they were! sitting there innocently in their yellow glossy brown speckled glory! how can i not buy them! although they're a bit expensive la, rm1.90 per piece. But i'm kinda beyond reason when it comes to food hahaa...

mind you, these are not normal egg tarts ok! they have this layered pastry skin, crispy and soft at the same time with this distinctive texture, then the brown speckled top of the egg custard is protecting a sooft yellow fluffy egg custard inside~~~~

ahhhhh *egg tart heaven*

bought one back for my roommate but she brushed her teeth so i ate it up :d

update: 4 projects, 1 assignment, 1 presentation left

Mar 28, 2011


to the person who asked me this:

'what to do when your friend has changed?'

supposed best friend. buddy. jimui. hengdai. partner-in-crime. twin. 'other' half. pig dog friend.

that person whom you grew up with. or felt like you've known forever. who finished your sentences for you. memories together could fill countless trilogies. the friendship which you thought could never change and will stretch into your adulthood.

Y U NO SAME indeed.

apart from feeling aghast, speechless, hurt, pekcek. what else can you do?

according to my sociology textbook's social exchange theory,
you will either change yourself to accept the changed friend, or leave the relationship,
depending on whether you think this relationship will bring you
more rewards than costs,
or costs than rewards.

i personally think this theory is kinda chilling.

chilling, but true.

it never feels good when a crack appears in the picture. do you still love this friend? what's the reason behind the change? can you accept what is this friend doing? is it in line with your beliefs? what would your life be like without this friend? there are too many questions, too little answers.

take it? or leave it?

for me, after trying my best to salvage, and its too late, i give up.

by that time i also no energy liao lah.

but you can give up with the feeling that you had tried your best.

but prayer works :)

anyway, you'll still have a best friend who looks out for you all the time, so no need worry lah!

all the best ya~

Mar 24, 2011


new roomie!

nice to meet ya :)

Birthdays are not necessarily 'Happy Birthdays'.

wee wang wang, its liz yap hong li's birthday this tuesday and since its been some time there's a birthday that i'm actually 'motivated' to 'celebrate, i got her a tiramisu from starbucks *based on a very blur memory that she likes tiramisu* with chiuling lo. one thing you guys should know about me. i never commit people's birthdays to memory and depend heavily upon facebook reminders. i get my own dad's birthdate wrong too. i am terrible in the sense that i want others to celebrate my birthday yet i forget theirs sometimes. am i? don't we all? maybe we don't. i'll just apologize once again and try to make an effort next time. note the word 'try' :)

*pictures taken by liz herself*
i think that tiramisu looks like a pot of soil when seen from above. heard that it tastes good. at least my sis-in-law loves it. i have never tried it personally though, since i don't really like tiramisu cakes. hope liz liked it haha.

then chiuling got her a card, so we signed it and then popped a few hansaplasts for her since she's forever hurting herself during volleyball matches. you're welcome, liz. happy birthday~

*and that's the end of the good stuff we did for her birthday*

let the bad stuff begin.

last minute birthday present prepared by me and chiuling too. free of charge. its um.... free stuff... and girls need to use those 'stuff' its kinda useful present for her. at least we didn't give her g-strings right. anyway, we signed our wishes all over the 'wrapping paper' and then asked vball's ex-chairperson rex to have a 'present-presenting ceremony'. He still doesn't know what's inside it hahaa.

if you're thinking why she looks so wet here....... its not due to sweat from practice or whatever.
we originally planned to have a surprise cake and then use volleyball to spike her in the face, but rex failed in his attempt and the bakery actually disappeared. so no cake, no ball biscuit, we were kinda frantic about what to do as 'celebration' when wilson offered a really crazy solution.

since its sports fiesta and

we had free bottled water and

most of us brought our own water bottle


good friends, aren't we?

happy birthday!!!

guys and gals, remember, never go volleyball practice on your birthday as the treatment is guaranteed to be 'first-class'~

Mar 23, 2011

it's me!

lol i don't know why felt so excited after seeing this photo. was taken by xueyi during the all-male inti-closed tournament last night. subang inti came too! but since it's an all-male, us girls are relegated to warm the benches and take pictures lo. love dslrs, but am seriously amateurish.

my legs look great. plus cameras are really useful for blocking your face :)

ok lah post something about the 'tournament' lah:

here are the pro lines-gals':
clockwise from upper left: addie, bun2, suzanne, chiuling, liz, and shu wei~

if anyone is interested in their contact number or facebook account just leave a comment down there heheh... in case you're wondering why i'm not in there is because i'm the 'photographer'! none of us wanted to be lines-gals, so we had to 'lat-tali-lat' for the photographer post.

woah i won it for the first time in my life!

(*on a side-note, someone also said that he had never heard of lat-tali-lat and asked us what were we doing. He's a malaysian! also first time in my life discovered that got malaysian don't know what is lat-tali-lat. a day of firsts indeed!)

after the arrival of teams from inti subang and some other male teams...

the pro referee xiumian lim on the left and inti vball chairperson wilson lim.
(lims :P)

took some more pics before the games start and people are warming up left and right.
let the games begin!

the only acceptable sports photo that night.

I hate hate hate taking pictures of sports since its so hard to capture those moments when the guys leap up to spike or whatever. camera quality aside, its very challenging to get a nice picture. need 'timing' la, 'lighting' la, 'angle' la, even with the dslr i'm not very sure how to adjust those settings anyway. 'shutter speed' anyone? does it affect anything?

end result: we won! phew. finally finally finally this sports fiesta thingy was over. i was getting really tired with the matches going on till 12am every other day for so long. although there are some bumps and stuff, but i'm glad we managed to do it! great job guys =)

on a completely unrelated note:
heard some disturbing 'scandal' today. seriously disturbing.
girls. please do not do things that insult the female population and make us look desperate. you just made me lose my appetite. and i feel sorry for you. i found it unbelievable that someone could crave for love so badly to the extent of ruining her reputation and damaging others and disrupting his life.
don't you get his message? just leave it be.

a guy who loves you for what you are will come along.

if you love yourself first. (even if you don't, Jesus still loves you unconditionally :D )


Google's being vintage today!

right now my heart is still pounding and feeling kinda jelly-legged. sounds like someone just proposed to me? nothing of that sort la. i went out for supper just now and on the way back we have to walk along 10 metres of public road before reaching the 'safety' of inti campus grounds. since i have been walking along this road for 11 months, it didn't occur to me that i should always always always be on guard. you know those news about cases of robbery and snatch-thefts?

i have always been laughing at those ladies who 'didn't know how to hold their handbags properly'.

ha. ha.

now its my turn now.

i mean, almost my turn.

walking along chatting merrily five more steps from the guard house holding my big fat blackberry and big fat purse with one hand when suddenly i felt something coming real close then liz pulled me, that f*cking motorcycle missed me by an inch.

as the bike zoomed away i looked into that malay guy's face *he was staring at me

and i was speechless.

he looked kinda young. a year or two younger than me at most.

wearing a green shirt with curly hair.

F you la.

all of this happened within 3 metres from inti's guard house.

with the security guard standing outside.

wallowing in disillusionment,


i have begun to love mondays and hate wednesdays.

the simple reason being that tuesday night is volleyball practice and usually we have practice till late night and then yamcha and them after that sleep late but then wednesday i have class at 8am.

even without volleyball practice, wednesday is also a day of assignments and tutorials and presentations.

thus i hate wednesdays.

today, i hated it more.

since tuesday was a volleyball competition, it ended even later than usual.

and i went to bed later than usual.

yet i woke up wednesday morning earlier than usual.

(the reason i literally dragged myself off bed is coz...that's another story)

and i had more assignments due on thursday thus i had to remain awake the whole day.

on 3 hours of sleep.

i guess i told you guys before i can't really do late nights anymore due to my deteriorating physical health :(

8-10am: class
10-2pm: assignment-ing *oh how i hate thou photoshop
2-4pm: class
4-5pm: course meeting *more on that later
5:30pm: dodgeball competition registration
6pm: volleyball preparation
6:30pm: resident forum

and with assignments due tomorrow.

anyway at the end i didn't play dodgeball after all hieh hieh *hate that ganas game*
and i managed to finish my assignments on record time
*before 12am! that's a whole new record for me, seriously. i clicked 'save' at exactly 11:59pm*

whatever. so i guess i mentioned 'course meeting' and 'resident forum' earlier.
course meeting is basically a 'meeting' for mass comm students.

and today,

our head of programme announced that he's stepping down, our faculty is going to merge with another couple of faculties, there're new head of programmes, there's a new dean too but he's unable to come, or don't bother to come i'm not sure which one, our internship has to be done during long semesters this august, the new media centre does not guarantee broadcasting equipment, and all sorts of terrible news.

at the end of the 'meeting',
my classmates reached a conclusion:

'we've chosen the wrong university lah!'

is this sad or what?

and you know what's even sadder?

we couldn't even voice out our concerns since the 'decision-makers' aren't even there.

even though the lecturer was 'encouraging questions',

it was to no avail.

lecturers are only employees, after all.

as for the second 'event' of the day, the Resident's Forum.

i think i ranted about the fences thingy here before...

so inti's gonna install this cheap fence around some hostel blocks to create 'gender cluster blocks' as a 'security precaution' and for 'cost efficiency'.

translated into: fences to cut cost. less security guards= less money spent.

and you know what 'silver lining' of the cloud did the management provide?

'think about it, you guys can roooooam freeeely around the blocks!'


like we aren't roooooooaming freely now.

argh too lazy to rant liao la. to cut it short i did my best to speak my mind and many other students tried to protest too, but all i saw was a guy playing 'tai-chi' with our questions.

i am seriously getting more and more disillusioned with this university, this place, this whole thing.

there must be a reason that i'm here though.

Why must education be turned into a business?

and if you wanna use education as a business, please retain your ethics.

and your common sense.

the reasoning is simple:

you want money.

money comes from students.

what do students want?

study at a good university which offers them quality stuff.

not cheap fences, demotivated lecturers, higher resource fees and a management with deaf ears.

billboard advertising can only get you so far.

what's to stop students from leaving when they enter this place and discover that its kinda shit?

if you still want profit,

three words.

use. your. brain.

Mar 21, 2011

Things. In General.

Hi guys. I kept logging into blogger lately although Assignment Tsunami is currently waist high. I log in, stare at the empty title, click at the stats, look at the comments, then log out again.
what to write about, eh, what to write?

although lots of stuff have been going on, but for reasons unclear i don't feel like blogging about them. And I'm not lazy. just to clarify that. maybe i was. not too sure. What a random post this is going to turn out to be.

So, review of how March turned out so far.

My laptop was sent for repair because the wireless function wasn't working, the bluetooth wasn't functioning, and some other technical stuff i had no idea about. anyway, the reason i choose to send it for repair at this crucial time in my assignment preparation iz because the warranty was nearing its expiry, so i wanted to salvage it as much as possible.

lo and behold the shit laptop shops in Low Yat Plaza. do us a favor and throw yourselves off any available building can? when i got my laptop back, i was told that since someone downloaded a pirated software into my laptop thus the warranty was rendered obsolete. excuse me this wasn't even stated in the warranty thingy and the problems with my laptop are hardware related, not software related. and that guy most probably using pirated software also la. He sell de ma.

and i also decided to get my laptop reformatted in the process, (for a 'whole new start') and after that an IT student noticed something funny about my laptop.

and asked me why my Drive (C:) only had the capacity of 24GB while Drive (D:) had 273GB.


i have no idea why that laptop repair shop had the brains to reformat my laptop in that way.

i am technologically stunted so correct me if i'm wrong and according to my understanding,
Disk (C:) is supposed to be a place for the laptop to store all the software stuff and basically the place to run programs. so if the space is so limited, my laptop would lag. LAG!

The reason i am mad?
before i sent my laptop for repair, my Disk (C:) was in perfect, 273 GB condition!

and then the non-existent repairs cost me rm 293 somemore!

hate this feeling of being ripped off.

i have no idea what was done to my laptop. my bluetooth still not functioning.

so to cut this story short, never trust Low Yat stores.
and let IT students have a look before you send your laptop for expensive repairs.

p.s: i also mysteriously lost the ability to download windows live messenger. that's the reason for me not logging in for the whole month. sorry if you've missed me lol.

ok i should stop rambling on about IT stuff since they're not my forte.
Here are a few pictures that i took during March....and i don't know where to put them.
so hello blogger!

Sunflowers for bro's wedding! i love their furry black eyes. spot my new polka dot bottle :)

Anyone still remember these? those nametags made with strings. It used to be all the rage 8 years ago, with everyone buying yarn or colorful strings and making names of friends as gifts. I don't have a gift for this name making thingy. But that day evelyn just put this in my hands! my gosh i was rather stunned. its just a very small gift, (i think she said she was too free over the weekend and started making these for some people) but i loved it a lot!

made my day, this tag :)
but not sure where to hang it. any ideas?

*this thick lipped african doll from danielle haz been with me for the fourth year running, hanging on whatever place i'm staying*

i love it when i'm the subject of random acts of kindness haha.
liz gave me these bite sized cookies since she had a lot left over from Chinese New Year.
YEH got something else to gnaw during classes liao :D
cookies never fail to cheer me up.

note to self: be randomly kind towards others~


i love inti's second-hand book fairs every semester. there're a whole of books and usually i can find a few i've been looking for a longgg time. But this time i just picked two randomly. Hope that they're good. Being a book lover in Malaysia is hard work since books are so expensive with the taxes and all and public libraries aren't that accessible if you don't have cars.

so thank you second hand book fair! you've made my day too!

remember this? i don't mean the polka dotted bottle. i meant the white rabbit candy. The hugest thanks to JanVy! ever since the melamine milk powder incident, white rabbit candies have disappeared off the face of the earth. I miss them so badly.
how many years has it been? four ?

4 years passed without white rabbit candy. :(

so when Janvy gave 3 to me i really lovvvved them. Malaysians sometimes don't care that much when it comes to food. we really should get a grip on ourselves. I remember a yamcha session where we were talking about how some pisang goreng sellers fry the bananas with plastic melted in the oil. They put drinking straws, plastic bottles and plastic bags into the hot oil so that the banana fritters will remain fresh and crispy through the whole day.

anyway, after that i had to rush for another meeting.
and guess what they were passing around at the meeting?

pisang goreng.

ok and for the last weird thing in march. i had insatiable craaavingggs in this month. i have no idea why and many are telling me that i'm most probably pregnant== but then i was bored. and my theory is that bored people are prone to cravings.
i shall put my theory to the test some day.

so i was studying for my midterms, trying to concentrate in my room, blocking out all disturbances, turned off my laptop, no facebooking, no nothing, when i looked up from my textbook and saw this:

larger than life full colour photograph of italian b.m.t in all of its juicy glory!

and it didn't help that an hour ago i was salivating over this terrible, terrible site called

they upload all sorts of terrible food photos. terrible, i tell you!
go check it out. just don't do it in the middle of the night.

so i craved for subway because its stupid full colour calendar was on my desk. this is unfair advertising i tell you. food advertising should be banned! underhanded way to torture your customers!

finally, after a grueling week of cravings, i managed to satisfy it at longg last.

never underestimate the power of food calendars. they can send you off the edge.

ok la i still have 5 more projects, 4 more assignments, 2 presentations and 2 tests to slay before i finally meet my darling finals. good luck to all, and here's to a good March!

Mar 20, 2011

don't we all.



my goodness. the best phrase to describe me thus far.

hello, social psychology essay due tomorrow :)

Mar 19, 2011


-What is the name of the class of organic compounds with the general formula R-OH, where R represents an alkyl group made up of carbon and hydrogen, and OH represents one or more Hydroxyl groups?

-Answer: Alcohol.

currently scratching my neck like my life depended on it at Penang Evergreen Hotel trying to ignore the gross red rashes all over my neck and general abdomen who seem bent on eating me up.

why rashes?

alcohol, that's what!


since i never really drink beer and the like, i didn't really have a chance to test this allergy of mine out.

so when the middle-aged plump lady doctor exclaimed upon the sight of my neck:


haiz. there goes my future Cabernet Sauvignons, Chardonnays, Martinis, Bloody Marys...

whatever la since i never like alcoholic drinks in the first place *haha sour grapes mentality*

ok guys and gals i guess i'm back in Penang again. (i know i know, too much of Penang-ness in my blog liao haha) all i can say is a wedding is hard work, even more so when its uniting people from DIFFERENT places. so March 2011 is a very busy month for me with assignments and projects and the like piling up while i was trying to have fun.

sorry to all friends (yes i mean you!) because i've been so absent lately. my social life will resume soon. i promise. SOON!

haha very short post here, gotta run for Penang Chendol now, bye!

Mar 15, 2011

for two is better than one.

i wonder how a father had the courage to hand his beloved daughter over to another man.

i guess any dad will do that when that 'man' is my dear brother philip koh.

no, not this one.

till now i still find it unbelievable that my brother has become a 'husband'.

that someone trusted him enough to put her life in his hands,

and he has to take care of her for this lifetime.

(i'm not saying my bro is untrustworthy, cause he totally is)

it kinda puts love back into perspective.

however, i am unable to imagine a day when i trust a guy enough to do this.

most probably i will just go on with my plan:

living in a spinster condominium with huge cats and fat dogs and the occasional goldfish.

people my age (even those not my age) treat love in such a petty way,

it became shallow and meaningless.

now this is how relationships should go.

bro, i wish u well with all my heart. if anyone can do it, you can :)

sister-in-law sounds weird.

Mar 14, 2011

in the eye of the storm

a few days ago, photos and news and comments and videos about Japan's disaster flooded my facebook.

people gasped, lamented, prayed, sent their well wishes in the general direction of Japan.

i was rather surprised by this show of compassion.

once again reminded that nothing brings people together like a natural disaster.

3 days after the fateful day, people are resuming life as usual,

complaining about their f-ed up lives,

joking about japanese animations,

sharing details of their monday blues.

once again reminded that people always place themselves in the center of the universe.

things happen,

things pass.

is that all?

things get better. or do they?

amidst conversations about japan, sharing details of the nuclear plant explosion, discussions about the animals' natural reaction to an impending disaster, there's one question lurking at the back of everyone's minds, unspoken, yet pondered upon.

a friend voiced this out today.

'hey do you think the end of the world is coming?'

what do i think?

'undeniably yes.'

no amount of reusing, reducing, and recycling can stop the world from ending.

no amount of conservation can stop the inevitable.

nothing can stop Jesus from coming again.

for the bible says of the end,

'Nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom. There will be great earthquakes, famines, and pestilence in various places, and fearful events and great signs from heaven.'

sounds familiar?

question 2:

'are you afraid?'

to this question, many will reply no, because they will stay in their room and await death.

heroic indeed.

for me, i have no fear for I have salvation in the form of Jesus.

Repent, for the end is near.

here is my answer for the above things, which i find myself unable to articulate.

the end is no fun, and even more terrifying is what comes after the end for those without salvation.

when the storm comes, no one can escape from it. the images and videos of the natural disasters are proof enough. houses that once stood tall are uprooted. elegant yachts that cost a bomb no doubt are washed away. how about humans who thought themselves so invincible and mighty?

in the face nature's wrath, in the face of life and death, in the face of the unimaginable,

only then people start to realize that there's nothing they can do.

people are only a bag of skin and bones, maybe with some added fat.

when dead, the body is worthless. even dead pigs are more expensive than us.

what comes after death?

why humans put themselves above the rest?

what is different between a human and a pig?

we have souls.

where would your soul go after death?

souls don't decompose and become earth.

souls go to heaven or hell.

it is impossible to reach heaven without Jesus who died for our sins.

THAT is why, people,
we need to realize that we sinned,
that we need to repent,
that we need Jesus,
for we are powerless on our own.

i have no fear in the storm, for i have Him by my side :)

p.s: pray for Japan, and for the world too. who knows where the earthquakes might strike next?

Mar 9, 2011

Mar 7, 2011


ok i hope no guy friends of mine are offended by this post, but seriously this Professor Simove deserves some applause. This Oxford graduate spent some years researching what men think about apart from sex with no tangible results. until one fine day when the answer came to him in a flash. congratulations you had just discovered the obvious. and published it. and it became a bestseller on Amazon.

anyway so here's the results of his painstaking work:

behold the work of a genius who had the guts to do this.

seriously this guy had a Ph.D! the things that you can get away with that title after your name. 'Professor Koh' had a nice ring to it :D

so what's all the hype about?


hahahaha its really funny though. i would love to get one of these myself. i heard that UK university students(those who bought the most) are using it as notebooks.
hahahaaa... sheer genius.

guys can you all clarify this? so the book is true? O.o

Mar 6, 2011


i wonder how. i wonder why.

how exactly do people make decisions.

to just pull up their roots and leave.

maybe their roots had been disintegrating for sometime.

maybe worms had eaten away their foundations and i had been too blind to see it coming.

how could it be that years of relationship be uprooted in that moment?

i have absolutely no idea how. and why either.

perhaps its just me being stagnant.

but it had never occurred to me that i'm particularly stagnant.

is it that they're 'flighty' in other terms?

just why some people can be so cold-hearted?

maybe making this decision hurt them as much as it did me, maybe more.

but the reasons behind, unfathomable.

might be disappointment, might be shame, might be future undertakings.

i wish you best in all that you do.

and thank you for the memories.

love you.


p.s: i WANT a DSLR!!

Mar 3, 2011


currently pending: 8 assignments, 3 projects, 2 tests, 2 presentations, 1 laptop sent for repair...

now only do i truly understand the phrase:' so much to do, so little time.'

my deepest apologies for being offline these days. no distractions are best for now.

see you guys soon.

p.s: going back to dad's hometown this week, going to penang the next. i don't know whether i should laugh or cry. assignments please stop bugging me.