Feb 16, 2011

What gets me through the day. and the night.

tag of the day: your favorite drink

for those that don't know, i'm an avid coffee fan. i love coffee and i find excuses to drink it. even though i can still sleep soundly after having coffee, i still drink it religiously during exams. to 'stay awake' through the night, i guess. i don't believe in starbucks because the coffee they serve seriously sucks, even more so because of the price. but then again, i'm not a professional coffee connoisseur myself, so i'm not in any position to rate coffees. i started getting hooked on coffee a few years back, so when i realized i was in deep shit. but anyway, the addiction isn't that strong anymore now, so yeah i kicked it!

i like Starbucks for its good branding, Coffee Bean in cold weather, Nescafe just about anytime because its the most 'accessible' one out there, and i only like kopi o' when its served with crushed ice and sugar.

because i live a rather miserable existence out here in nilai inti, these instant coffees are what that gets me through the day and night :)

these three are the normal stuff (sorry i just noticed that there's a milk tea in the middle, haha this lipton tasted quite nice) nescafe mild cause its mild and i won't get hypertension after drinking it. during exams my usual fare would be that dark green one... but the taste doesn't have much difference lah....

this one, ladies and gentlemen, is my love.
behold nescafe gold. the king of all instant coffees.

as much as i love them, sometimes i get grossed out. i'm not studying food science so i don't really understand why adding some powder with hot water (or cold water in the case of milo ais!) will result in edible stuff... i don't know what the scientific-sounding terms for the ingredients are...can anyone tell me that its' safe? or explain to me patiently? powdered food creeps me out sometimes.. :((

[tea time: this lipton powdered tea is ... not bad]

i remember a joke that i heard years ago.
sorry if i got any political facts wrong but it goes around something like this:

many years ago, there was a Russian who visited America for the first time.
(i think) it was after the Cold War and many russians did not have much material comforts.
they also don't know how much the world has progressed in those years of war.

thus this particular Russian was amazed and surprised by all the innovative products that we take for granted today.

he went for a stroll in the neighbourhood supermarket and had a look at the shelves.

the first thing he saw was chicken soup:
chicken soup made without chicken!
just pour powder, add hot water,
and you get chicken soup!

he continued walking.

the next thing he saw was cocoa powder:
add chocolate powder with hot water,

and you get hot chocolate!!

as he continued his shopping and marvelling at all weird and wonderful things,
he saw something that made him faint right in the aisle.

*ok give yourself one minute to guess what made him faint*

hahahaa ok lah lame joke~ have a nice day guys :)

*vball tournament coming up this sunday! going for training now, tschuss!