Feb 13, 2011

weird advertising

i've always liked it when there are new stuff to read, so when the february edition of Reader's Digest was plopped in my mailbox... i excitedly read it all in one go...
Jay Chou on the cover! who would've imagined it...RD seemed to have become more and more 'entertaining' as time goes by... the content has changed too... and there are more and more ads...its getting a bit sad, how profit affects everything in the media, and not necessarily for the better....

anyway, Jay's interview was obscure, i loved the jokes as always, but this thing caught my eye.

a unicef ad at the last page.

asking people to buy mosquito nets for Myanmar families.

seemed normal.
appealing to people for insecticide treated nets..

then i looked again at the picture.

a lady with her kids in the net.

with a smile on her face...
looking at an army of mosquitoes headed for the net!

isn't this weird? this ad feels more like some Shieldtox advertisement rather than a Unicef ad appealing to help the underprivileged.

just thought that unicef should've taken a different route with this ad. if that woman is smiling, it seemed to be an ad selling mosquito nets to the masses, not asking people to donate money for the poor. i've always thought that these sort of NGO ads are supposed to let people symphatize with the underprivileged, not make the donors feel like they need the product too.

even this old-time ad would've been better. haha


on a slightly related note, was googling for mosquito ads and found this:

i had been raised on a diet of bad advertising for so long (remember that tough guy without brains who had to depend on Shieldtox to solve his mosquito woes? and ads where the mosquitoes dive bomb homes much like that unicef ad above?)

that this cute mosquito cream felt so refreshing to me.

hahahaa..can't imagine them using it to exterminate mosquito bosses...only mosquitoes would know what kills themselves best..
'it's what mosquitoes would use on mosquitoes they don't like.'

so true!

totally love this ad :)

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