Feb 25, 2011

Spicy Cheekeen MacDeluxe

trying to resist the temptation of updating my status as: 'at mcdonald's now'

why not?

i know 4sq is all the rage now and its kinda cute about the whole 'mayor' thing
(where people compete to see who could sign in the place the most.
for example, joyseet koh is now mayor of toilet.)

but its kinda dangerous though. when people post stuff like 'at sunway pyramid alone, who want come?'

what if all the creeps and stalkers in your friend list seriously comes to accompany you,

who's laughing?

not to mention news about criminals who know that no one is at home through your facebook.

jeez...those stuff gives me the creeps. why do people misuse stuff anyway??
(i think i blogged about this before. sorry. its something i feel strongly about)

haha... but i can't resist la,

loser joyseet koh says: 'I'm alone at McD right now!!!'

not anymore :D

coz shiroy is here!! (eh never noticed her nice star notebook)
i know she looks totally nerdy here, but trust me, she's a hottie~
met up for some assignments and stuff, but i'm seriously glad to see her.
i'm not quite sure how to put it, but there's this period of time when you ache for some of the familiarity that makes you feel so comfortable, where friends accept you for what you are, and you can be yourself with them. in some way, its like coming home.
sadly these moments are fleeting and once in a blue moon, so what can you do but to treasure them?

how i wish i could meet them more often,
but absence does make the heart grow fonder.

*and that danni is making me die slowly by not coming*


i love how mcd evokes human creativity by giving customers stuff for them to create works of art. i love putting fries and ketchup in my burger. i've seen friends who put sugar in their ketchup so that the ketchup will be 'crunchy'! i don't love crunchy ketchup. the calories make me shudder. and peeps who request for unsalted fries so that their fries would be freshly fried, not old refried fries. i love dipping fries in mcd sundaes, its like ice-cream fritter inside-out. a certain guy friend of mine who's constantly on the search for spicy stuff loves to add exactly 10 packets of pepper into his chili sauce, creating a new sort of pepper dip. and many many more creative ways to enjoy your happy meal~

buffet lines have that magic on people too. ever seen pics of salad towers in pizza hut China?

monstrosity. i mean, who loves cucumbers that much?

sore throat waiting to happen.

levels of happiness and contentment significantly raised after that lunch with you :)

p/s: have your birthday party at McD in august, okay~? complete with Happy Meals!


  1. sorry for not going neh, absence makes a heart grow fonder neh!!! mwak!

  2. =>ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
    soon u will see me again!!!!

  3. egg egg: ya my heart almost die from fondness...see u soon~
    yy: kahyao with ur assignments ~~~ :DD