Feb 22, 2011

recent notes to self

me backs!

flipped through joyseet's notebook just now. its kinda obvious that all she does in class is doodle.
haven't had a chance to ask her what's up with her though. i'm gonna invade her privacy, and post the pics here:

(as you can see in the above collage, its all rather depressing stuff)

and this one:

whoa, good quote! i googled this maya angelou character. she's Oprah's mentor! and has an inspiring history too. for someone to come up with this kind of 'tough' quote, must have gone through a lot of hardship. agree with this lady. hope joyseet's facing up to her problems well.

not sleeping well, i see.

emoness, i see.

how come she has a new contributor to this blog???

hormones, i see.

driven to extremes, i see.

ter-stressing, i see.

a lot has happened, i see.

wow, has my extended absence been taking such a serious toll on her??
she seemed desperate now, hugging the social psychology textbook to sleep...jeez...joyseet, won't you get a grip?

well, well, well, there's nothing i can do since i have no idea what's the situation about,

but knowing her, i can only offer a quote of my own:

'don't take yourself so seriously, since no one else does'

cheers! the hedgehog's back!

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