Feb 1, 2011

Penang trip number 2~

haiks now i seem like some big fan of penang. i just went there last month, went again last week, and will be going there next month too.
(the truth is, i AM a big fan of penang~ whooo~)

this time, its a trip with some dear band friends who were back from Taiwan, UK, and Australia~
how could i miss this trip??

although its only for a very short 2 days and 1 night :( i still enjoyed it.
love ya guys~

hieh hieh, malaysia's Banjaran Titiwangsa is looking great~
it took us 4 hours to reach penang, with numerous rest-stops.
i couldn't imagine how those Americans can bear with inter-state road trips that last for days.
4 hours in the car and i think we almost died.
we malaysians are really pampered, in a way.

taking pictures is a good way to pass the time during travel.
geeks, yes we are!

yes, i agree that we are all very ... ... bespectacled.

still experimenting with the camera and reflective surfaces.
me and yew look quite cool.
like some characters in a taiwanese mv.
then the singer would lament how 'we don't understand each other' in this scene,
with both of us facing opposite directions and all. teehee~
ignore me if you don't understand.

after hours and hours and hours.....

here we are!!!!
the penang bridge is as magnificent as ever, being the longest bridge in Southeast Asia~!
that day, i watched a documentary about building bridges.
i shall never underestimate engineers anymore. you guys are incredible!
the amount of crazy planning and crazy materials and crazy manpower and crazy risks involved are seriously......crazy.
*racks mind for a better term*

so here we are!! staying at desa pelangi, a half-private apartment at jalan logan.
haz all the basic amenities, washing machine, iron, stove, hair dryer etc etc.
not luxurious but its good enough for us :D

according to our schedule, we have to pick up our tour guide(janson tan woei herng) at his apartment. herng 'guided' us for lunch then headed to butterfly farm after that.
haha i know the butterfly farm sounds really childish because seriously no one comes to penang for 'entertainment', we come for FOOD!

but anyway,
we went there nevertheless due to special request, and guess what?
rm27 per entry!!!!
walaoeh penang butterfly farm kinda disgusted me. tourism board what are you doing??
after taking a closer look, the 'pricing' was really underhanded.

(sorry didn't take pics)


on the right side of the board: (in english) stated 'rm27 for adults'.
on the left: (in malay) stated 'rm17 bagi orang dewasa jika menunjuk MyKad'.

what the @#$!?

can anyone explain why are people overcharging tourists by so much? taxes??

so you think that tourists are dumb and can be ripped off?
why the double pricing for tourists who can't understand malay??

this is bias and underhanded.
no one is going to pay that overrated price for your butterflies and glowworms.
please review your prices and stop ripping off tourists that visit our country.

seriously, i feel disappointed.
luckily, a tourist stopped by, asked for the price, then left without saying another word.
they are not stupid.
if you want to leave your tourist attraction to rot, by all means do.
malaysia boleh!

took some pics near the entrance to prove that we had been there before :)
actually the place looked nice and well cared for. but its a small place,
so....is the price really worth it? can anyone tell me?

haiz, even with the 'discounted prices' for malaysians, we still don't feel that the butterfly park was worth the price. so just took a group pic at the entrance :P

memorable gorging on char kuey teow, assam laksa, rojak, lotlot, fried seafood, ikan bakar, ba gua buns, sotong, fried chicken.......
actually, gurney drive is.....not bad

our plans for the day were mostly screwed up when we went to the beach and it rained,
then wanted to go kek lok si and by that time was too late,
so we finally decided to go and have a look at some 'historical artefacts'.
that dataran was near dewan seri pinang where we performed during a band tour, year 2006.
ah the memories :)

after that its back to the apartment for more fun!
100% fruit juice~

kacheng bought some peach vodka at the airport, so we got cranberry juice and 7-Up to mix it all up~ it tasted really good, but that 40% of alcohol kinda got to me.

cheers~ (with chacos and mineral water masqueraders)

(his drink looked kinda cool though)

and played some complicated drinking game which consisted of alcohol, poker cards, and lots of laughter. lazy to explain here. no one got drunk, although my face was grossly red.
some of us only had fruit juice and mineral water to play, so its really tame haha....
i like tame. tame is good.

i think the apartment people hated us after that. we were so noisy!

good morning~ had famous prawn noodles for breakfast~

loved the roast pork! but since i wasn't used to having noodles for breakfast, i had to order this:
gross looking pancakes. with bananas and eggs.
me want my apom! :(
herng ignored me when i asked for apom. what kind of tour guide is that?
argh i don't care i wanna get it next month.

yeah first polaroid of the trip!
(it looks like its my birthday, doesn't it?)
everyone looks very cute, like some picture taken 10 years ago~

went hunting for O-chean (fried eggs with baby oysters), but failed.
managed to camwhore by the roadside though :D
brian wanted to visit guanyin temple.
plans screwed again.
temple closed for spring cleaning haha.

loved this pic though. notice the two different height groups? teehee~

next stop: kek lok si temple!
you're supposed to write your wishes on those ribbons and then hang it on the golden tree. the higher you hang your ribbon, the better luck it's supposed to bring.
*ahem* just be careful, roushian, don't fall off the ladder.

then took lots of pics of our 'zodiacs'? or 'birthsigns'?
the year of the Goat, its me!!!!! and yew~

the Dragon~

the Horsies~

the Year of the Snake~
(this looks like some wedding picture)

the labbits~! its the Year of the Rabbit now~ so their age is kinda obvious.
time passes by really fast, doesn't it?

i still miss Brian's baritone sax. it sounds soooo good.

some fan pic

one last group pic~

then, to the beach!!
the beach!! the BEACH!!

to take pics of ourselves,

and of others :P

anyway, that about summed up my second trip to penang.
after that we went to for seafood and ate our guts out.
life is great when you eat like there's no tomorrow.

these cute little cameras made our trip more interesting.

Polaroids!!! gotta love em'~

although this trip was grossly short, but its a well-spent 48 hours. thanks guys, i'm looking forward to our next trip already~

(photo credits to brian & cindy~)

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