Feb 21, 2011

its 2:03am and i seriously need to sleep but why ah

someone just suggested that i change my hairstyle and wear lens and makeup and stuff so that...

*just made pact with myself not to swear anymore* but ARRGH.
usually i never take offence at this kind of comments but it must have been my raging hormones.

i HAVE to ask.

must all girls be tall AND slim AND have a flat stomach AND have good skin AND have nice hair AND don't wear specs AND wear makeup AND wear miniskirts AND wear high heels

to be considered as 'pretty'?

what if 'being pretty' did not exist on my to-do list?

studying mass communications for the last few months has made me realise how much to blame on the media. and now we come back to the question. why did the media set such high standards of beauty for society?

this topic has been argued time and again. about those too-thin models bordering on anorexia is a bad influence, and how magazine headlines are all about achieving that 'perfect' bikini body, and stuff like that.

no wonder our society is twisted.

its easy to heap the blame on the media, and i'm having second thoughts about my ability to survive in that media jungle out there. however. there are two topics that constantly pop up in my social circle that's beginning to irritate me A LOT.

number one, the 'i'm fat' comment.
number two, the 'Dota' frenzy.

why oh why girls do you have to keep up with those photoshopped beauties? just accept and love your gorgeous self... i sound like a broken record here but seriously, i have said it once, i have said it twice. you. are. not. fat. in fact, many guys have said you're a bit too thin. don't hang the 'i'mfat' sentence by your mouth like its' some addictive drug that you simply HAS to say or you'll die.

i won't jump into that dota thingy now. that's something for another day :) you guys just wait.

okay so back to my point. who makes the standards for beauties anyway. i don't need anyone to judge me. not everyone can remain picture-perfect the whole day long when you're tired from a tournament the day before, assignments the whole night, morning classes, and meetings to rush to.

for those ladies who can achieve this, i salute you.

frankly, i'm not one of them.

to say i don't care what others think of me is fake. i do, hence the rant here. anyway, i just wanted to make my point that, i am satisfied with how i present myself, and maybe i do harbor hopes of becoming anne hathaway one day soon, but please, let me save up some money for plastic surgery first.

if there's anything you wanna blame it on, blame my hormones. i'm a girl, after all.

* hormones is a monthly contributor to this blog. all of the above are thoughts and opinions of hormones and do not represent harryandmerry.

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