Feb 5, 2011

haypee chainis niu yeh ! !

wow i actually survived for 4 days without internet! what an achievement!
went back to hometown where wi-fi connection isn't really a necessity.
ladies and gentlemen, lets welcome the Year of the Rabbit~! Chinese New Year is on 3rd February this year, and as usual i went back to Johore (my dad's hometown) to spend my new year.

when i was a kid, i always felt that the trip back to dad's hometown was tediously long and boring and terrible.

however, this year,


felt so proud of myself hehheh :D

as a kiddie i didn't really like going back much, (coz its all dad's friends and dad's friends' kids which we only meet once a year... and our relatives have huge age gaps since my cousins are practically mom's age) but now i kinda love going back now... its family, after all :)

as usual, watched singapore channels when in johore, ate and ate and ate, wondered at the growth rate of babies, visited lots of relatives, monopoly challenges, gave out bro's wedding invitations (who knew that the art of writing names on chinese wedding invitations is so complicated! the chinese placed so much importance on relationships and generations..) so got to meet some 'long-lost' relatives which haven't met for YEARS.. i didn't even know that they existed... :((

supposed teochew dessert with lotus seed, red dates, and something else which i can't identify. that's why its served at all the houses we visited during new year. it signifies 'sweet relationships'..etc... sounds more like a dessert for Valentines', eh? but its great to learn another thing about teochew culture though :D

another thing i love about going back to hometown:


lots and lots and lots of them :D

although prior to new year there would be lots of warnings in the newspaper that its illegal to buy fireworks etc, but every year there will be crazy fireworks here~
i think any police patrolling would go crazy and don't know which household to arrest first~

poor policemen...

but fireworks make everything so exciting and adds soooo much atmosphere!

flying noodles...

CNY party deco:

hate the crumpled paper :x

the rabbit's whiskers were too thick...now it looks like its the Year of the Cat..
emptied mandarin oranges to make little lanterns~

its easy,
1. just make a little tealight-sized hole on top,
2. then use a teaspoon to loosen the orange from its peel,
3. after that, separate all the slices from each other, (try to maintain the 'wholeness' of the mandarin orange)
4. after that just dig em all out
5. to make the holes in the empty orange, just use plastic drinking straws to poke holes. recommended straws: packaged drinks straws or bubble tea fat straws.
*if you're feeling particularly adventurous then just use knives to cut different shapes~

happy chainis new year to all~~~~

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