Feb 19, 2011

the bestest!

(yee sang is cantonese for a chinese new year dish which consists of lots of thingies, among them sashimi hence the 'yee' for fish. people would mix up all the thingies with chopsticks while saying blessings for the new year ahead. since those thingies usually consist of not very nice stuff, i have never harbored good feelings towards this dish.)

however, the year of the Rabbit brings unexpected changes :)
had a CNY get together with a mixed bunch of people on tuesday.
during preparation we almost gave up on the idea of having yee sang since it wasn't sold at Giant, but luckily claryn suggested Sushi King, and here we are~

in all these years (since 2001) sushi king has been offering this delicacy, yet I took 10 years to discover this??

is hotate supposed to mean scallops?
the large yee sang costs RM38.88. if you're wondering why the weird price with all the '8's, its supposed to represent prosperity in the chinese pronunciation. so if you see cars with lots of 8 on the car plate number, chances are its a chinese driver. don't ask me.

we decided to cut cost and get 3 mini yee sang :)
its rm8.88 for one, so if we get 3, it only costs rm27, which is still cheaper than the large set !

Geniuses we are! *fans self

haha, here it is, in its full glory. its not well arranged, i know.

but in this case, presentation is not important. what matters is the content.

if i recall correctly,
a mini yee sang contains: 1 juicy scallop, 1 piece of orange salmon, 1 piece of rose pink tuna, a few hunks of white squid, 2 crab sticks, lots of pickled jellyfish, some crispy unidentified stuff, shredded cucumber, radishes, carrots, chopped nuts and plum sauce with lime juice drizzled all over it.

my lame rendering of the yee sang during class. don't blame me i was having cravings for it.

it is grossly insufficient to portray its full glory. the pictures don't do it justice either.


oh hotate yee sang what would i give just to see you again.
guys you have 9 more days to get this. promotion ends on the 28th!

P.S: this is NOT an advertorial. this is purely a result of my late night craving. if you noticed that ad-free badge on the right, that means... you have good eyesight.

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