Jan 16, 2011


'i'm no ordinary sponge' by shiroy ang

i'm kinda lost in a maze. spiralling. this is very alice-in-wonderland-ish, don't you think?

spongebob haz a new friend!
(toastbox commercial)

emo spongebob saying goodbye.
good riddance i say!

life is full of ups and downs, fun rides, and roller coasters. get on the best ride home!


she totally impressed me with this effort. she had been interested in getting a DSLR a couple of weeks ago and this spongebob series were her first pics! hehe i may not know much about photography, but i seriously love these pics. maybe harry gets to be sponggy's new friend soon!
go to her blog for more on the adventures of this not-so-normal sponge!

p.s: sorry shiroy :P, but i really love your pics!

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  1. >.< i just realized you blogged my favorite photos !!!touching...