Jan 31, 2011


haha, this 'event' happened ages ago, and finally i've gotten the urge to blog about it, so here goes:
danielle supposedly came back from UK for 2 weeks before her finals or midterms or whatever it is. so raven danni and me met up for a few hours of fun.. then over coffee someone suggested that we go for a trip... a trip seemed like wayy too much hard work so in the end, we called Ms. Chair Soo Yee and kinda (forced?) ourselves to her house for a sleepover :P

i promised to make drinks(Frosty Lychee Lime! as shown in pic!)
and danielle was about to show off her newfound culinary skills from UK~

get mint leaves, lychees, and lime.

(i think those mint leaves are really precious.
i went to Tesco, Carrefour, Giant.
finally went to raven's house. her dad had some!!!
but only a leetle. not enough for my great lychee lime drink. haha.
finally found out that the small grocer near my house sells it =,=
and the grocer's mints look terrible. raven's looked much better. organic leh~
anyhow, the moral of the story is: get your own herb garden!)

blend 8 mint leaves, 10 canned lychees, and juice from 2 limes together.
also pour in the lychee syrup and some ice if you like.
put 2 lychees and some mint leaves as garnishing~
the amount of the mint leaves can be adjusted according to your preference :)

cause mine turned out really green and health drink looking,
and i think soo yee just about fainted when i asked her to drink it.

the chef at work. shh do not disturb :)
seriously this is the first time i have ever seen her near a kitchen hahaha. her mom was seriously proud of her too, calling all friends and family to come and try her handiwork~


the humble spaghetti cannelloni ravioli with roman tomatoes and herb garnishing~
ok its just pasta made with good old Prego :D

we also managed to get Her Majesty Kelly Tan to grace us with her gracious presence~!!

those red mugs are filled with my precious Frosty Lychee Lime.
it's not obvious from this picture but actually mine is very green and tasted really green too :(
and kelly's was very white (from all that extra lychee thrown in)

hostess cleaning up~!!

after a very full dinner, we went back to fooling around, playing poker, and doing our favourite activity:
writing in each other's diaries~
its a habit for us to scribble each other's books during high school,
to escape boredom at first, but gradually we started writing more stuff and honing our artistic skills. much can be learned from the art of scribbling, i assure you~

there are only 3 people in this world who can understand this heheh~
ah, the days when we still had maths :)

nice room, no?

the night consisted of going out for coffee at Old Town, getting some alcohol at 7-11 then bumping into someone's *ahem* boss, then heading back to chill the night away at the roof deck.

it's been great catching up with you guys
group pic!
(shit la these two 'group' pics have the same people. now only i realize that raven had been hiding behind the camera all this while :[ )

what else did we do ah? anyway, good morning, and we woke up so late its about time to leave :(

however we still found some time to torture the resident toy poodle

ok i know using the word 'torture' and 'poodle' together is a bit sensitive nowadays.
shame on those disgusting dog-abusers.

ok la rephrase: we still found some time to pester Gigi to play with us

and its about time to leave :(

cheers to friendships, freeks, and more sleepovers to come~

p.s: a million tenkews to ms. esther chair soo yee

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