Jan 30, 2011

quote of the day


"shopping is like drinking salt water, the more you drink the thirstier you get."

ok so the story goes like this: my kid sister totally loves shopping and given the chance, she would totally move into shopping malls and live there forever.

the catch is, my mom hates shopping and does not believe in shopping as a leisure activity. in my mom's book, shopping is the most mindless activity ever created.

one fine day sis started asking mom's permission to go shopping with her friend to 'exchange birthday presents'.

(why on earth would anyone want to do this is beyond my comprehension. come on, presents are supposed to be a surprise, a thought from the heart! not this kind of asking the recipient to choose. where's the fun babeh?)


OF COURSE mom wouldn't allow her to go since she had already went to the same mall for like 3 times in a week.

as most moms are, nagging inevitably follows. in the course of the lecture (usually by this time i would train my ears to shut themselves and stay out of trouble)
i guess my ears aren't behaving themselves and i heard one sentence.

just one.

'shopping is like drinking salt water. the more you drink the thirstier you get.'


way to go, mom!

what a good quote!

this was EXACTLY what had been niggling at the back of my mind lately.

the more i go to shopping malls, the more i feel i lack.

i started being more and more discontented, wanting to buy this, buy that, get this, get that, started drawing mental wish-lists, to-get lists, feeling that my wardrobe is terribly small and insufficient, all the time wanting more, more, MORE!

and it doesn't help that shopping malls are doing all they could to draw you in.

first and foremost, SALES!!!!
doesn't that S-A-L-E word sets your heart pumping and the adrenaline rushing?

secondly, great decorations during or not during festive seasons:
especially CNY songs to make you buy red clothing :x

number 3, providing entertainment such as skating rinks, cinemas, karaokes, archery, bowling alleys, boat rides, theme parks........seriously? do we need that much stuff?

but skating is a good excuse to hold hands though...

fourthly, amazing awe-inspiring well designed spaces:

the more comfortable you feel in that environment, the longer you'll stay there~

and the list goes on......

shopping has become our nation's national religion.
we spend almost all of our free time to shop at shopping malls for clothes.
and where do we wear these clothes? at the mall.
its becoming a vicious cycle.
i think the mall is the place where we spend most of our leisure time at.

malls are the place to go to during festive seasons, public holidays, countdowns, weekends, dates, gatherings or even meals. have you guys no creativity at all?

i have even seen clinics at shopping malls. so now they're also part of your health care regime.


why are we so addicted to shopping malls?
what a good question.

those marketers are doing a really good job. but where is my rant heading to?

shopping has integrated itself successfully into our lives.
we head to shopping malls without a second thought.
we long for things that we see so often in the shop windows.
we crave for things that we don't actually need but the shop window insists that you do.
we are able to spend hours walking around the mall and buying nothing in the end.
or buying something just to justify those hours wasted.
we feel that we are not cool enough if we don't have that, or that, or that.

the hours wasted!
the unnecessary craving for useless crap!

ok i know i love shopping and i'm not exactly the best person to convince you to think twice about going to shopping malls, but trust me, there're better things to do than spend the whole day breathing in second-hand air and helping your wallet to slim down.

like going outdoors to have fun, for instance :)

good luck staying away from malls~
with the economic crisis looming ever larger than before, saving is the IT thing to do now~

now, do you still need that 5th pair of shoes so much?

haha dont kid me, of course you still do~


  1. oi I only had three pair of shoes with slippers and sneakers included ! )':

  2. woww, congrats~!go get ur 4th pair now~