Jan 4, 2011


ooh~ my favorite panmee from 'face-to-face'~
look at that egg yolk..so runny...so yellow..

now add one more egg~


watch out!

intionline i'm mad at you now!


then again those eggs match my blog, doesn't it?

my restaurant is attacked!

yeah can throw eggs at any page i dislike now~

just discovered https://chrome.google.com/webstore from liko...

google chrome has some really funny apps...

go check it out~

throw eggs throw eggs

sorry google, i didn't mean to throw eggs atcha', that was my testing shot..

anyway, totally love those balloon dogs by Jeff Koons,
what a genius to think of sculpting metallic sculptures that look like balloons!

many used to criticize it of being tacky and vulgar,
but i fell in love with it in a scene of Night At the Museum where those exhibits became alive and a Balloon Dog skipped by nonchalantly in the background.

did anyone notice it? its wayy too cute to go unnoticed ~
i wish they gave it a little more screen time..

nice colour choice too~

the Balloon Dog at Chateau de Versailles
(what a contrast of modern art with classical backgrounds!)

just enrolled today, looking forward to my new semester~
this break had overdrawn itself.
guten tag 2011!


  1. Alllll eggssssssssssss
    HAHhahahahhah xD
    lmao, i want to do like you .
    just paste my spongebob every way =P