Jan 20, 2011


what exactly is this thing...called love? every single day when i log in to facebook, i see people lamenting love. it's starting to drive me crazy.

'love will hurt you. leave you with scars.'
'loving too deeply will cause you to sacrifice too easily'
'xxx is in a relationship'. (5 minutes later) 'xxx is single'. (3 days later) 'xxx is in a relationship'.
'@#$% you!!! i never want to see you again!'

etc etc etc.

whenever i go karaoke-ing with friends,
inevitably, around 98% of the songs are about love.
how dreams got crushed or you're the only one or how it's never meant to be or we'll be young forever or come get me in the cheap looking motel then we'll live happily ever after.

how many of those stuff are true anyway?

why are there so many songs about love?

cause it sells.

why does it sells?

it rings a bell within everyone.

everybody, somehow or other, is searching for love.

i guess there's an inbuilt function of craving to be loved or love in our hearts.

but those screwed-up definitions of love are really bothering me.
people get hurt.
those songs aren't teaching us anything.

ladies and gentlemen, i present to you, the best definition of love by far:

(lemme challenge you, tick and see how much could you score?)



1.love is patient

2.love is kind

3.it does not envy

4.it does not boast

5.it is not proud,

6.it is not rude

7.it is not self-seeking

8.it is not easily angered

9.it keeps no record of wrongs

10.love does not delight in evils

11.but rejoices with the truth

12.it always protects

13.always trusts

14.always hopes

15.always perseveres

and lastly,

16.love never fails.

ok i know this sounds rather far-fetched, no one can attain full marks for it except for Jesus.
(i am already facing problems for the first one.) but the truth about true, beautiful love, is in there.

think about it. jealousy, envy, hurting, anger, are not justifiable in the name of love. when that happens, that is not love. i know no one is perfect, but remember this the next time you felt unloved or made to feel worthless by that jerk. THAT i can assure you, is love gone bad.
throw it away.
expiry date gone.

with love,

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