Jan 5, 2011

blah blah blah

from the eyes of a child, everything seemed so uncomplicated.
growing up, i knew where stuff belonged.
the lines were loud and clear.
mommy and daddy were supposed to be together.
aunties, uncles, teachers... were all supposed to be good people.
girl and boy... the most natural thing.

there was no other option.

back in those days, i felt safer, more sure of myself.

as the lines blurred and merged,
stuff spilled over and it didn't quite taste the same anymore.

things have changed.

mommy and daddy? got their respective new boyfriends and girlfriends.
aunties, uncles, teachers? all with their own weaknesses. maybe to the point of hurting others.
girl and boy? why must it be so? girls with girls, boys with boys, isn't that better?

nothing is safe anymore.

it kinda hurts when your eyes are opened and you see the ugliness of the world for your own.


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