Dec 19, 2010

sticky stuff and all.

whee~ had a date with naimo dunno how long ago to fahrenheit 88 and pavillion.
since there's this huge hype over Uniqlo's flagship store opening so thought i'd go check it out.

and it gallops~

argh spent hours lost in KL. this is what you get with two girls who don't have GPS.

anyway finally decided to park in Pavillion and walk over.

totally didn't regret that decision though, cause

surprise, surprise,

found this!

apart from bounty these are my favourite candies of ALL time! er for those who didn't know what they were from the pics these were candies that had a glass-like texture. If the flavor is watermelon, your candy will be pink with black seeds and green candy on the outside, just like a watermelon. there were pomegranates, apples, oranges, lemons, grapes, and lots of other flavas! it looked so sugary and intricate!

the reason i love them so? i guess its the memories they evoke.

in my last high school year where we all had senioritis and basically refuse to take English seriously we would just goof off in class. However one day peiyin brightened up that particular class with a huge bag of STICKIES for us~

those stickies were a present from her bf especially from Australia!

and till today i still don't know why that day all of us were so thick-skinned can finish most of those candies in one class.

memories of sweet flavours, colourful candies, slightly sticky fingers, friends laughter, crinkle of the clear plastic bag as we hunt for the perfect flavour......

this is coffee flavour!
with 'COFFEE' spelled out in case you can't read it.
the one i was holding earlier is Merry Christmas.
and another one i was tempted to get was a red one with chinese '喜喜' for chinese weddings.
for someone lah~

wow still couldn't believe that i could get it in Malaysia last brought one bottle for naimo's birthday. right now got Christmas promotion, two jars for rm30?
and you can see those candy chefs making candies on the spot,
melting huge hunks of sugar, rolling, molding, chopping them~

STICKY is looking for candy chefs too, so anyone interested please please go interview ~

the rest of the day: dinner at 'face-to-face' puchong while waiting for ms chair~

forever 21 at Pavillion is always the best! got one shirt for rm10, will try to modify it soon~

these coupla pics taken inside Uniqlo, actually kennot take pics de :D

i LOVE uniqlo, the stuff were really nice, but sadly since i'm not going anywhere cold enough soon so i'm unable to make any purchases. but there were some really cute jackets, puffy ones, nike-lookalikes, cashmere, cute sleepwear, seriously cheap jeans, etc etc etc...

but the rest of fahrenheit 88 is seriously blah though. dislike.

and we went to ms. chair soo yee's new house to chat the night away~

sticky for christmas~!


  1. I love UNIQLO so much this season, but I suppose the current women's clothing is far more appropriate for the British climate! I'm sure in the new year there'll be plenty of gorgeous summer clothing for you to choose from :)

  2. yeah, i hope so too~ but the winter stuff are really gorgeous, just not suitable for malaysia's weather.. :(