Dec 14, 2010


ohkay its been few weeks since i came back from Penang and i've just been crazily busy to say anything about it.

the Pearl of the Orient is officially my favorite state in Malaysia now!

the place is beautiful, the weather is great, the shops are gorgeous, and most importantly, the foooood is 'best ah!'

i guess we have Francis Light to thank for because after he gained control of Penang so quickly, there were gorgeous mansions and shops built on the island. I thinketh it may have been an area for the rich back in time.

(erm i'm just guessing since there aren't so many nice historical architecture in malacca or ipoh or johor or elsewhere)

anyway, all of these beautiful mansions were now mostly sold to companies so you can see beautiful mansions being banks or bridal houses or universities...


and there were trees trees trees everywhere! selangor gov please stop chopping huge historical trees down! please take a leaf out of Ipoh municipal council's book and start insuring our trees!

so, about the trip:

five hours of travel by car is highly boring.

luckily we stopped by Ipoh for the original Oldtown and tau foo fah which is really good!
go go go try them out.

nope we don't have the luck to stay here. just posing hehe, seriously nice place though. the ground floor rooms can just open their screens and leap into the pool ! how cool is zat ???

oh before i forget we also stopped by taiping to fulfil mom's wish to go to the famous lake there haha. i like taiping too. how come all the nice places are not in selangor??

guess who? look at his fingers loll~

i guess that supposed to represent masculinity.

and many more~

(apoms char kuey teow cendol chicken rice white sugar kuih assam laksa har mee special milk dimsum egg tarts duck noodles nutmeg juice passembour rojak lohbak Ochean muar chee)

(no i'm not going to explain what kinda food is that just go penang experience it for yourself~!)

this is my favorite~ do not judge it by its cover ngek ngek~~~

(i know this post very short since i was busy eating most of the time and i dont think mom appreciates being published online so i didn't put too much pics.
anyway, i'm not a travel blogger but i seriously recommend this place for travel.
ahh penang i love you.
although this wasn't the first time i went to penang, but the previous times weren't makan trips.
so i just had cup noodles and muar chee.. sien...
this time, ah~ gastronomic heaven~ anyway, we also passed by (dewan pinang?) where we performed during a band tour. ah the memories~)

see ya there~!


  1. u dye hair ahh??
    argh i want go penang oso !!!!!!!!!!

  2. yea i did...but dun like the color...very de seafood....will dye back to dark chocolate soon...go try kao liese~ its nice ~~~
    hehehe, go go penang~~~