Dec 26, 2010

My December in food form :)

Ah... 6 more days to twenty eleven, and twenty ten is coming to an end. I thoroughly enjoyed the month of Christmas, stuffed full with hectic schedules of fun, celebrations, lazy days, and spur-of-the-moment moments....
But when i tried to filter in my mind what i'd been doing lately, it was all a blur... and in the process of searching for clues to what i exactly did in my phone only revealed mostly pictures of food. I wonder why i chose to retain memories through food. anyways, so here they are:


ah i remember now.
my only holiday job this time is working for 3 days distributing flyers.
delivered 6000 flyers over 3 days with amy and fiona. chiyan grace rachel helped too :)

After this stint, i realised 3 things:
#1 never look down upon flyer delivery people.
#2 i dont like dogs so much now. especially when they chase innocent girls distributing flyers.

#3 the silver lining: you get free mangoes falling on your head.



for grace's birthday at pasta zanmai.
my kid sister (and her childhood best friend amy chan chui may) kept telling me stories of her past sad birthdays. i shall not relate the story here in case you get the idea that i'm a bad sister.
ok i admit that i WAS a terrible sister back then.

but anyway give me a chance so redeem myself hehe so this year i planned a lil' something.

haiz lazy to relate the whole thing but its not all about cupcakes ok?
there were other stuff but lazy lah.
the thing is: grace is HAPPY~!
teehee, happy 14th my dear sis~


and i had a
impromptu picnic by the lakeside.
we had it after cleaning up a house meant for an orphanage soon.
looking forward to meeting all the kids :)


and this is:

that i made for eunice koh for her birthday (yes my sisters had their birthdays 5 days apart)
i just love crepes, easy to make and yummy too~


introducing my absolute favourite fruit in the world:
boxes and boxes of cherries,
specially hand-carried by my dear aunt and her family from Australia

and enjoying them bit by bit with a book on a lazy Christmas afternoon :3


next on the list:

Korean instant noodles that were actually thicker and juicier than the usual crap maggi.
with kampong runny egg yolk!
ahh... had this for lunch during sessions with hhsb.
they seem to be improving~
sigh when can i buy my own french horn?


i threw this at my dad.


absolutely cute rubber bouncy balls disguised as watermelons~


and the best for the last:

made 'tong yuen' for the Winter Solstice with kid cousins.

cute, yes?

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