Dec 30, 2010

Lo and Behold Post #100 : The Great Photo Meme !

ladies and gents, its officially 31st Dec, 2010's final breath, and people are getting all nostalgic and misty-eyed everywhere. I just got back from a simple class reunion with my primary school classmates, the very first time i've seen them after i graduated, i guess... 7 years ago?
its been good to see you guys :)

anyway, to send 2010 off and commemorate harry&merry's 100th post, i shall do a 'photo meme' from quaintly:

(sorry guys, no harry today, he's still on vacation)


1. The most recent picture of you. Where was it taken, when was it taken and who took it? How was your mood?

this was taken yesterday, on chair soo yee's bed. our sleepover was coming to an end and danni's leaving soon (she's the one with the banana face) . *sigh* raven took this pic :)

2. A picture of you with a friend. Who is this friend? How did you meet him/her? How long have you known him/her?:

(teehee, i shall do a him AND a her. its so hard to make choices!!! )

this is yewyew~ he's my bestest partner in music and everything.
i've known him for 7 years, i guess we met in band practice? i forgot.


this is rachel~! we met in primary school, haha, forgot how,
i guess we've known each other for...13 years? O.o

3. A picture of you with your spouse/partner. How long have you known each other/been married/been going out?

sorry guys i lied
got harry today!
this is me and harry. we're partners. we've known each other for 7 months~

4. A family picture:

taken at sis's graduation earlier this year~

5. A picture of you making a peace sign:

taken at singapore when i went there to visit siauli~ the reason i looked all puffy and watat?
no comment.

6. A picture of you making a yo dawg sign:

is this it? i'm not quite sure.. YO!

7. A picture of you in your Halloween costume:
har har sorry lar, i don't think i've got a halloween costume lo, never really celebrated it before. this is a gross christmas look though :P

8. A picture of you on holiday. Where was it?
harhar, this does look like a paparazzi shot ain't it? credits to enthel~
this was taken at Port Dickson, and isn't really on holiday either. *sigh*

9. A picture of you in your workplace/school:
hehe no pro pics of me in formal wear~

and school:
having a bread party, bringing toasters and whatnot to makan~
and our disciplinary cikgu came minutes later :D

10. A picture of you in a weird or random place. Where is this place? Who took this picture?
on top of a tangki air (?) in nilai hill. hehe went 'hiking' with lecturer and friends.
this place is actually tempat larangan...
the water reservoir is actually quite scary lo, if fell inside the whole nilai haz to drink gross stuff...

i think chiu ling the pro photographer took this pic~

11. A picture of you on stage:
ok lar..on stage lar..hehe spot me then... my solo pics look gross, so this one also 'on stage' ma~
i swear i'm in there, promise ~

12. A picture of you playing sport:
ah my fondest memories of volleyball...

spot me once again :P
i remembered that i fractured my arm just before the match began :(
(but we got champion all the same~! wheeee)

13. A picture of you with a celebrity:
Kelly Clarkson's meet & greet! she gained some weight, but she's really cute :)
when we were going to pose for this pic,
everyone scooted to take places next to her and i was left at the edge of the crowd.
then the photographer said 'eh kennot see u in the pic leh'
and asked me to squat in the middle all alone!
Kelly Clarkson very nicely offered to 'squat' with me too~
so to those who scooted to take places next to her,

14. A picture of you drunk:

i don't think i've ever been drunk since i don't drink. that glass in my hand is Coke.
haha.. so sorry lo, this one no real pic lar..

15. A picture of you looking mad. Why were you mad?
push car of course mad la~! hahahaaaa..

16. A picture of you looking sad. Why were you sad?

this is the closest to sad?
i posed like that cause Herng took a group camwhore
and i was the only one squeeezed out of the pic :(
crazy night, that one.
*this was taken @ 2008's band tour to Singapore, barbeque night at Zhong Zheng High School

17. A picture of you looking WEIRD. Why were you looking weird?

is there even a reason for looking weird??

18. A picture of you wearing something strange:
heavy headpiece for modelling stint. don't ever ask me to wear it again.

19. A picture of you wearing formal:

well since i'm used to wearing formal and didn't take pictures of myself in formal attire,
this is the closest i've got:

me and liko before concert. all black yeah!

20. A picture of you wearing a swimsuit:

sorry no swimsuit pics :P


21. A picture of you wearing PJs:

yeah slumber pahtay~!

22. A picture of you with an animal:
spider food from thailand : animal kan?

ok lah with dog lah...

23. A picture of you eating or with food:

haha lots of food pics :)
kampachi prawns

did i mention that i love ice-kacang?

and durian puffs!
*update : this durian puff stall shut down.
so now i have to go all the way to malacca to get my durian puff fix. :x

24. A picture of you in black and white:

haha, had searched high and low without success, was going to simply edit one B&W pic..
but then happened upon this! yumm japanese choc from margaret~

if you're interested to do this meme, then i tag you :D

*byebye 2010*

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