Dec 6, 2010


made butter cookies~

in all shapes and sizes~

the 'I' was actually the broken off ear of a rabbit haha~
i doughnuts!
(that was also a cookie shaped like a doughnut teehee)

recipe learnt many years ago when i was in kindergarten from a winnie the pooh magazine...
i don't know why the memory still remains in me to this day:
'make small tart shaped thingies then put chivers jam in it'.
i guess that's the reason chivers is my favourite brand of jam?

i daddy~

teddy made by the amazing grace~

love how they all look so happy on a plate, waiting to be eaten hahaha~


  1. you made them yourself? for real? haha. I wan....

  2. yeah with my sis...but actually not nice de..
    nice to see...
    nice to hold...
    but once eaten...
    considered gross...