Dec 6, 2010

the beauty of the written word

a letter!

for me!

(haha since harry's away, i shall take over)

its been ages since i got a letter in the mail. i remember when we were kids just out of primary school then we would mail each other then finally drop the correspondence, and finally pick it up again with facebook haha...

but i believe that there's a little kid in everyone who looks forward to receiving happy mail, (as in, not bills or useless catalogues) so i'm really really excited to receive this sky blue envelope and big white envelope from danni!

okay i sound slightly lame but anyways~ its really nice to receive traditional mail~ the sky blue envelope with the bunny and nice clouds is nice right? haha actually i was the one who bought it for her in hopes that she would send it to me and ms chair bought some letter paper together as farewell present for her~so i'm being really and truly thick skinned here but i don't care teehee~

thanks danni~ i got your mail~

(please send chair soo yee's envelopes next time~)