Dec 23, 2010

10 interesting (or not) facts about merry.

decided to do a tag. so here goes:

fact #1
I absolutely hate it when people talk to me while i'm reading.
'Wah you reading ah?'
=.= like, OBVIOUSLY?

fact #2
I play bass guitar. and the french horn. and some measly piano. and a little drums. and some guitar. haiz.

fact #3
I fear all insects. that's right, including butterflies.
especially cockroaches, huge buzzing bees, crickets, grasshoppers, spiders, centipedes, milipedes (i know they aren't exactly insects now. ok, i fear creepy-crawlies then.)
the only insect i'm not afraid of is ze ladybeetle~

fact #4
If someone gave me a choice of 100 million (or any huge amount of cash) to be spent in one day,
i would just buy up all the available gold bars with that amount.
and plan in detail how to spend in the days later.
ah, one can still dream, yes?

fact #5
My favorite household chore is washing the toilet. haha. but its true!

fact #6
The reason i don't listen to much radio is because the lyrics are getting more and more brainless nowadays. so forgive me for not being in touch with popular culture :]

fact #7
I like to whistle. Like a guy. I whistle songs instead of singing them because i used to hate my singing.

fact #8
I have been wearing specs since age 4~

fact #9
I find myself unable to complete a lot of things. and this is one of them.

Merry Christmas, everyone!


  1. There are only 9 facts...
    You did that purposely? Heheh

  2. haha, read number 9~~~
    but then....i dunno why that day emo no mood to write jor...hehe.... you go write this on your blog la, i tag you ~~!