Nov 10, 2010


joyseet had been up all night doing her stupid final project.

all night!!!

she likes doing stuff at the last minute,

says it gives her inspiration, she thrives under pressure, etc etc etc...

that's plain rubbish as we all know it,

she's just lazy and prefers to facebook all the time...


she stumbled into the room at 6:45 in the morning,

slept till 9am then again staggered off to pass up her project....


the life of a 'good' student.

i feel sorry for her.

19 years and still no sense of time management.

i hope her liver hangs in there.

i thought she would come stumbling back after class and continue to be the pig she really was,


lo and behold,

she went barbequeing!!!

humans really amaze me with their weird bodies.

more specifically, 19 year old college girls who have no time management.

how could she go on the whole day with only two measly hours of sleep?

and i know for a fact that she did not sleep much the day before either...

with my superb deducting skills,

i deducted that she went for barbeque ingredient shopping after class,

then had a barbeque with stupid volleyball club,

then even more stupidly played volleyball after the barbeque.


a barbeque!

thinking of all those chicken wings, sausages, sweet potatoes,

and most importantly,


my porcupine blood is boiling!!!!!


how could she not bring me along???

this is so disgustingly unfair...

stupid joyce

stupid volleyball club for not inviting me to their barbeque

stupid useless joyce

i shall not forgive her!!

for at least a month!!

i was finishing the final touches on my boycott volleyball club masterplan when...


something happened!

hereby harry the porcupine swears that he shall not call volleyball club or joyce stupid anymore becaaause~

she brought marshmallows back for me!

for me!!!


and that,

ladies and gentlemen,

was the highlight of my day

long live joyseet and volleyball club !

am i the first to discover this?

that mashi maro was named after marshmallows?

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