Nov 2, 2010

street pahtay !

[warning: pictures below look a whole lot like Chinese New Year!]

teehee, so its that time of the year when inti hosts its supposedly annual street party~

this was the first time i've joined, and according to everyone it's the it event of the year
(haiyah all events the it event de la)

but this time i was forced to go since mass comm club is selling ice cream!

(that particular night, ICF having fellowship, Volleyball club having training for tournament, mass comm club selling ice cream, hard to chose T^T)

haiz..but at last, i wore RED and went to sell ice creams + root beer!

random pic taken by random guy (alan?) which was highlighted by derek on fb for which i have no idea...
but DSLRs do take gorgeous pics, no matter how ugly the subject was.... :x

(crap food i ate that night: 2 cones of ice cream, 3 scoops in total, 1 root beer, one disgusting kebab thing, one very sweet milo ais, and 6 nuggets)

hmm, i think you guys might be asking: what exactly is street party?
sounds a bit like pasar malam la...

haha, i was thinking the same thing too, but surprisingly, there were performances, lucky draw, and this rather chio oppurtunity to be in 'the inti book of records' as the guy/girl who ate most pencil biscuits in 1 minute, who can tahan sticking the whole arm in a tub of ice, and crazy stuff like that hahahahaa...

then after that was a supposed flash mob by inti dac (the dancing club) + social board, where they danced a previously rehearsed dance together by pretending they didn't know but just joined in... seemed cool though,

but the whole thing was spoiled by one of the emcees announcing very 'cleverly' that:
'hey people, don't leave, there's gonna be a FLASH MOB later!'


real smooth move.

whatever la, i think they did well for some of the dances anyway~
poppin' ees cool~

after that they started playing real loud music
(come to think of it, the whole night they were playing very very loud music, anyone still in their rooms would totally come out and stick the middle finger)

and some guys started going onstage to dance, and people started converging in front of the stage to groove!


real street party weih...

and it gets weirder and weirder, i think some of these people must've drunk some alcohol, how else can they dance like that?

later i joined this group consisting of andrew, sandra, teng han, pixern, randy, claryn etc etc where they planned to make a 'train' to squeeze the way into the middle of the crazy crowd...

hahaha...after some grooving, i couldn't take it simply because there wasn't any alcohol
(non-drinking campus, duh) and the excitement just sort of fizzled out...

went back to mass comm ice cream booth, they were still going strong,
(thirsty party-goers need ice cream and root beer! )

the sight was really funny, with a whole bunch of people partying in the middle of the road...

(then someone told me i used 'volleyball dancing skills'.. there was such a thing...)

yeemun, min2, me, charissa and sandreah~

with my beloved root beer and everyone else. that guy in white with the 'fook' wording is our lecturer teehee...
(thank you mr kevin for buying 7 scoops of ice cream that night~)

we ordered 10 tubs of ice cream that night, which we thought we wouldn't be able to finish selling, but amayzinglyyy, we sold out everything, and even had to go out and buy more root beer! whoaaa~

really happy for achieving the target, simply cause it meant that we wouldn't need to sell ice creams on SAO concourse for the next two days hahaha~

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