Nov 25, 2010

Like a Gulfstream G650 8-passenger jet

finals over!

Now I'm feelin so fly
Like a Gulfstream G650 8-passenger jet
Like a Gulfstream G650 8-passenger jet

haha for more info on my senselessness go see Like A G6 explanation

so yeah, i'm high now but just ended farewell for ms ng *sob* our lecturer who's transferring to malacca now but anyway will miss her since she's the only lecturer who will organize field trips for us. i remember the first sem we had a class at the sidewalk cafe. was happy cause that time i haven't had breakfast yet and we had valid reason to sit there, eat, and have our lesson + discussion on the spot! missed those times...

anyway, wish her all the best in her future undertakings and that oreo cheese cake we got for her from secret recipe had so ugly handwriting on it that i was rather shocked..

bye bye ms ng, sorry for being late to your class all the time :)

oh yeah i forgot something else. after she left, she messaged sandra to tell me to pursue my studies to NUS so that i can continue playing my french horn.


i had no idea she remembered that i wanted to play french horn so badly.


thanks for everything again~

so far my sem break calendar consists of orang asli camp starting tomorrow (yesh i completed the name tags!), secret birthday surprise for someone later (sorry i can't tell cause...its a surprise), a date with naimo on tuesday, band practices on wednesday thursday so excited to see my hubby and those juniors again they've got this new song Jericho which is really really cool but i think they couldn't play it gua sorry for doubting you guys but i seriously believe that so try to prove me wrong , penang trip with family yeah finally get to makan penang food the last few times i went i just ate cup noodles and crap food which did penang food no justice, and countless other yamcha dates i just haven't bothered to remember...

all my dear friends who were overseas, far far away from me, or facing their finals,

all the best ~


hurry up and come backkkk!!!!!!!

thats all don't be surprised if i disappear off the virtual world of your screen,

cause i'm living a real life now!!!!

(oh yeah like a Gulfstream G650 8-passenger jet)

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