Nov 18, 2010

couldn't agree more.

sometimes, i do try to prevent myself from being a judgmental person.

but stuff happens.

another wonder of our technologically savvy society today,

is that you would know

who is

being emo / contemplating a break up / mad at their parents / any other teeny weeny detail you couldn't have known without calling or meeting that person,

just by clicking and clicking.

so whenever i read blogs or status updates or tweets,

and the stuff that people get mad over are

so .. (what's the word)


that i seriously want to shake some common sense into them. they seriously deserve better.

ohkay i admit it i get worried over friends who were in trouble or unhappy or hurt...

i know i'm being judgmental here, i know people have problems, i know these stuff takes time.

and there're lots and lots of stuff that i would like to tell them,

over and over again,

these dear friends of mine

who are torturing themselves over the most petty stuff

that won't even show up in the big picture.

and this post by thewendywong, pretty much sums up what i always hold back in my throat. =

(i've copied and pasted just about everything, just so the credits are to her..)


We only have one life and we could only live it once on this planet earth.

Here are some things that I thought I should share and let you think about it:


instead of wasting life,

cherish it.

instead of living in darkness,

find sunlight.

instead of living a party lifestyle and get wasted,

live it wisely and have a self-respect/reputation.

instead of hating on it/people,

love it/them when you have the opportunity to.

instead of complaining,


instead of keeping grudges,

forgive sincerely and forget even if it’s the hardest thing to do, but the outcome is what glorifies you.

instead of cutting your wrist with knives or scissors,

kiss it and confess that you are beautiful.

instead of hoping,

do something about it.

instead of finding ‘the one’,

look at yourself and say “i deserve something more than this”.

instead of cursing on people,

hug them because they too, have their own issues and everyone needs a hug.

instead of spending your money on things that you’ve already had for more than one,

humble yourself and give it to the ones that are in need more than we do.

instead of locking yourself in a room and being emo,

get out, look at things around you,

look at how blue the sky is,

look at the birds,

look at the people that you love smiling back at you,

realize things in life.

instead of having the spirit of fear,

why not let your spirit of happiness conquer it?


We are the ones who control how we want to live our lives. What we are today are the choices that we made yesterday. So why not choose the best out of everything in life when you only get to live it once, instead of wasting them on wasted scenes, partying like as if it’s 2012, smoking your lungs out, drinking your tears out and cutting your blood out when you can have a happier life, why party so much when you can spend some quality time with your family and even friends that you love without getting wasted? and you know it, you know that you CAN have a happier life when you choose to live it that way.

This is something for everyone who is still alive, breathing, living on the planet earth, to just have that moment to think about it.

No offense to anyone but really, sometimes, we just gotta have a moment like this to just have the time to think on what we really want to be in our one and only God-given life.

Have a nice day ahead


(this is really good advice. i shall take them' :D)

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