Nov 7, 2010


haiz...fed up with my sucks to the max...
thinking whether wanna change back to good ol' nokia or sony ericsson...
but now nokia and sony ericsson doesn't have any good models...

phones are so irritating...

so what should i do?
trade in the blackberry and get a new thing? or just die with this crap phone?

haiz..slightly fed up by blogging nowadays...

nothing to blog about...

my life's so boring sorry la

congratulations on me almost surviving this short sem.

stupid short sem.

i'm gonna be a sem 3 student next sem!

time passes so quickly..

i don't care i wanna stay young.

the big 2-0 next year lo...


completely random post.

i don't have the talent for verbal diarrhoea.

meeting dear kelly (survivor of SAM!) naimo and shiroy this friday~
meeting the one and only bill clinton this friday too~

(yes its really him, hillary clinton's other half. he's laureate's advisor so he came here)

any questions you wanna ask him?

just tell me and i'll ask for you.

shucks i don't have formal wear.

so looking forward to thursday. total freedom by then !!!!!

(no lar, after that study week and then finals and then holidayysss~)

happy birthday to kacheng lim

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