Nov 29, 2010

Ann for the Gold !!

yeah been following ANTM this cycle (cycle 15) where they supposedly upped the ante and now the huge prize is Vogue Italia in comparison with blah Seventeen~

so its now to the top 2 and someone stupid in the crew has let the cat out of the bag by posting pictures proclaiming the winner all over the Net...

haha, so if you wanna know just google it..

ANTM is really fun but sometimes those harping about plus size models, petite models, personalities, bitchiness over nothing, screaming whenever those girls get a glimpse of Tyra really gets on my nerves...

but this season at least doesn't have much bitches la!

oh yeah just to show my support,

i'm on ann's side of the camp!

for your information ann's a really awkward girl who's 6 feet 2 (6'2!!!! seriously)

who went from this

to this:

look at those eyes!!!


p.s: danni if you're reading this please tell margaret :D