Nov 29, 2010

Ann for the Gold !!

yeah been following ANTM this cycle (cycle 15) where they supposedly upped the ante and now the huge prize is Vogue Italia in comparison with blah Seventeen~

so its now to the top 2 and someone stupid in the crew has let the cat out of the bag by posting pictures proclaiming the winner all over the Net...

haha, so if you wanna know just google it..

ANTM is really fun but sometimes those harping about plus size models, petite models, personalities, bitchiness over nothing, screaming whenever those girls get a glimpse of Tyra really gets on my nerves...

but this season at least doesn't have much bitches la!

oh yeah just to show my support,

i'm on ann's side of the camp!

for your information ann's a really awkward girl who's 6 feet 2 (6'2!!!! seriously)

who went from this

to this:

look at those eyes!!!


p.s: danni if you're reading this please tell margaret :D

Joyseet Likes


just so
you guys know my favorite chocolates in the whole wide world~

Nov 25, 2010

Like a Gulfstream G650 8-passenger jet

finals over!

Now I'm feelin so fly
Like a Gulfstream G650 8-passenger jet
Like a Gulfstream G650 8-passenger jet

haha for more info on my senselessness go see Like A G6 explanation

so yeah, i'm high now but just ended farewell for ms ng *sob* our lecturer who's transferring to malacca now but anyway will miss her since she's the only lecturer who will organize field trips for us. i remember the first sem we had a class at the sidewalk cafe. was happy cause that time i haven't had breakfast yet and we had valid reason to sit there, eat, and have our lesson + discussion on the spot! missed those times...

anyway, wish her all the best in her future undertakings and that oreo cheese cake we got for her from secret recipe had so ugly handwriting on it that i was rather shocked..

bye bye ms ng, sorry for being late to your class all the time :)

oh yeah i forgot something else. after she left, she messaged sandra to tell me to pursue my studies to NUS so that i can continue playing my french horn.


i had no idea she remembered that i wanted to play french horn so badly.


thanks for everything again~

so far my sem break calendar consists of orang asli camp starting tomorrow (yesh i completed the name tags!), secret birthday surprise for someone later (sorry i can't tell cause...its a surprise), a date with naimo on tuesday, band practices on wednesday thursday so excited to see my hubby and those juniors again they've got this new song Jericho which is really really cool but i think they couldn't play it gua sorry for doubting you guys but i seriously believe that so try to prove me wrong , penang trip with family yeah finally get to makan penang food the last few times i went i just ate cup noodles and crap food which did penang food no justice, and countless other yamcha dates i just haven't bothered to remember...

all my dear friends who were overseas, far far away from me, or facing their finals,

all the best ~


hurry up and come backkkk!!!!!!!

thats all don't be surprised if i disappear off the virtual world of your screen,

cause i'm living a real life now!!!!

(oh yeah like a Gulfstream G650 8-passenger jet)

Nov 22, 2010

oh no ! or oh yes?

sad news !!

according to TheStar,

the prices of clothes gonna surge by 25 to 40 % by next month!






emo invasion.

the reason for the price hike is because...

go read TheStar yourself, i'm not gonna explain in detail.

i'm still in mourning.


on a brighter note,

shop now!


( here we go again, the housewife mentality. )

Nov 20, 2010

especially for fmlers

actually, this is not really a short story la...
just a post to remind everyone out there,
that your life shouldn't be f*cked.

i'm glad that i still have fingers to type teehee :)

Nov 18, 2010

couldn't agree more.

sometimes, i do try to prevent myself from being a judgmental person.

but stuff happens.

another wonder of our technologically savvy society today,

is that you would know

who is

being emo / contemplating a break up / mad at their parents / any other teeny weeny detail you couldn't have known without calling or meeting that person,

just by clicking and clicking.

so whenever i read blogs or status updates or tweets,

and the stuff that people get mad over are

so .. (what's the word)


that i seriously want to shake some common sense into them. they seriously deserve better.

ohkay i admit it i get worried over friends who were in trouble or unhappy or hurt...

i know i'm being judgmental here, i know people have problems, i know these stuff takes time.

and there're lots and lots of stuff that i would like to tell them,

over and over again,

these dear friends of mine

who are torturing themselves over the most petty stuff

that won't even show up in the big picture.

and this post by thewendywong, pretty much sums up what i always hold back in my throat. =

(i've copied and pasted just about everything, just so the credits are to her..)


We only have one life and we could only live it once on this planet earth.

Here are some things that I thought I should share and let you think about it:


instead of wasting life,

cherish it.

instead of living in darkness,

find sunlight.

instead of living a party lifestyle and get wasted,

live it wisely and have a self-respect/reputation.

instead of hating on it/people,

love it/them when you have the opportunity to.

instead of complaining,


instead of keeping grudges,

forgive sincerely and forget even if it’s the hardest thing to do, but the outcome is what glorifies you.

instead of cutting your wrist with knives or scissors,

kiss it and confess that you are beautiful.

instead of hoping,

do something about it.

instead of finding ‘the one’,

look at yourself and say “i deserve something more than this”.

instead of cursing on people,

hug them because they too, have their own issues and everyone needs a hug.

instead of spending your money on things that you’ve already had for more than one,

humble yourself and give it to the ones that are in need more than we do.

instead of locking yourself in a room and being emo,

get out, look at things around you,

look at how blue the sky is,

look at the birds,

look at the people that you love smiling back at you,

realize things in life.

instead of having the spirit of fear,

why not let your spirit of happiness conquer it?


We are the ones who control how we want to live our lives. What we are today are the choices that we made yesterday. So why not choose the best out of everything in life when you only get to live it once, instead of wasting them on wasted scenes, partying like as if it’s 2012, smoking your lungs out, drinking your tears out and cutting your blood out when you can have a happier life, why party so much when you can spend some quality time with your family and even friends that you love without getting wasted? and you know it, you know that you CAN have a happier life when you choose to live it that way.

This is something for everyone who is still alive, breathing, living on the planet earth, to just have that moment to think about it.

No offense to anyone but really, sometimes, we just gotta have a moment like this to just have the time to think on what we really want to be in our one and only God-given life.

Have a nice day ahead


(this is really good advice. i shall take them' :D)


How Addicted to Facebook Are You?

Created by Oatmeal

go on, check yours out!

p.s: i admit i bluffed a little...hehe...

(actually this website not bad de, its not refreshing or happy, its just plain crazy)

Nov 17, 2010

there's a first time for everything.

heh heh, today was the first time i've said 'oh shit' because of a public holiday!

19 years on earth, first time pekcek because of holiday...

weird leh...

cause i scheduled myself to go back inti to study...

but public holiday tiada bus la...

die lo..

stay at home and sleep...

aiks...why did i let the environment affect me and not the other way around???


by the way, danielle tan and margarita tan (the Tans) are coming back!

this is rather O.O... i didn't expect them to come back so fast!

but i'm glad though...

counting down the days ~~~

finals in 2 days..

being rather emo...but happened upon this very happy blog!


guys and gals, let me introduce you to

Katie Sokoler is a street artist living in Brooklyn, NY, and i totally find her blog refreshing...

after a diet of Malaysian and Singaporean bloggers where all they do is say wtf and camwhore and get pissed off and frequent clubs...

it gets boring and pointless after a while..
haha i know i have a choice of not reading them, and i have no right to criticise them like that, but never mind, the main point of this post is,

in comparison with whining bloggers who only care about clubbing,

Color Me Katie is really different...she has the weirdest ideas to brighten up the lives of people around her...and she pays attention to details that others might overlook...

anyway, visiting her blog makes me feel better, i hope you do too!

she paints marshmallows and gives them stylish hairstyles..

she even took a picture of this small dog dissing a big dog...(HAHAHA)

she re created pacman on the streets of NY...

she also redecorated her plain white walls when the whim takes her...

and i think i might love cats more now..because of her fat cat named moo...

anyway, go on and check out her blog,

she has a lot of other crazy ideas that i didn't highlight here~~

finals finals here i come~~~~

Nov 13, 2010

There is no God?

There is no God. All of the wonderful things around us are accidental. No almighty hand made a thousand billion stars. They made themselves. No power keeps them on their steady course. The earth spins itself to keep the oceans from falling off towards the sun. Infants teach themselves to cry when they are hungry or hurt. A small flower invented itself so that we could invent digitalis for sick hearts.

The earth gave itself day and night, tilted itself so that we get seasons. Without the magnetic poles, man would be unable to navigate the trackless oceans of water and air, but they just grew there.

How about the sugar thermostat in the pancreas? It maintains a level of sugar in the blood sufficient for energy. Without it, all of us would fall into a coma and die.

Why does snow sit on mountaintops waiting for the warm spring sun to melt it at just the right time for the young crops in farms below to drink? A very lovely accident.

The human heart will beat for 70 to 80 years without faltering. How does it get sufficient rest between beats? A kidney will filter poison from the blood, and leave good things alone. How does it know one from the other?

Who gave the human tongue flexibility to form words, and a brain to understand it, but denied it to all other animals?

Who showed a womb how to take the love of 2 persons and keep splitting a tiny ovum until, in time, a baby would have the proper number of fingers, eyes, and ears and hair in the right places, and come into the world when it is strong enough to sustain life?

There is no God?

(by Jim Bishop.)

This was an article i read years ago in Reader's Digest when i was in primary school i guess.
That day, someone asked me, 'How did you get your faith?'

I knew that there was a God.

Someone who created all of the amazing things we take for granted with incredible precision.

Not the greatest artist of all time could recreate the glory of the everyday sunset that we see.

Not the greatest fashion maestro of all time could recreate the beauty of a simple flower petal.

Not the greatest medical savior of all time could explain why exactly the human body was built just so.

If anyone told me, that my blackberry was created in a big bang or evolved from nokia, i would ask that person to go check in the nearest asylum.

I believe that most people would do the same as me.

However, why do these very same people that would scoff at the suggestion that phones appeared in a bang or evolved from batteries,
would easily believe that they themselves, such creatures of complex design, undiscovered mysteries, and unexplained emotions appeared from explosions or evolved from primates?

please. don't cheapen your own worth.

there is no God?

Nov 10, 2010


joyseet had been up all night doing her stupid final project.

all night!!!

she likes doing stuff at the last minute,

says it gives her inspiration, she thrives under pressure, etc etc etc...

that's plain rubbish as we all know it,

she's just lazy and prefers to facebook all the time...


she stumbled into the room at 6:45 in the morning,

slept till 9am then again staggered off to pass up her project....


the life of a 'good' student.

i feel sorry for her.

19 years and still no sense of time management.

i hope her liver hangs in there.

i thought she would come stumbling back after class and continue to be the pig she really was,


lo and behold,

she went barbequeing!!!

humans really amaze me with their weird bodies.

more specifically, 19 year old college girls who have no time management.

how could she go on the whole day with only two measly hours of sleep?

and i know for a fact that she did not sleep much the day before either...

with my superb deducting skills,

i deducted that she went for barbeque ingredient shopping after class,

then had a barbeque with stupid volleyball club,

then even more stupidly played volleyball after the barbeque.


a barbeque!

thinking of all those chicken wings, sausages, sweet potatoes,

and most importantly,


my porcupine blood is boiling!!!!!


how could she not bring me along???

this is so disgustingly unfair...

stupid joyce

stupid volleyball club for not inviting me to their barbeque

stupid useless joyce

i shall not forgive her!!

for at least a month!!

i was finishing the final touches on my boycott volleyball club masterplan when...


something happened!

hereby harry the porcupine swears that he shall not call volleyball club or joyce stupid anymore becaaause~

she brought marshmallows back for me!

for me!!!


and that,

ladies and gentlemen,

was the highlight of my day

long live joyseet and volleyball club !

am i the first to discover this?

that mashi maro was named after marshmallows?