Oct 24, 2010

wee waang waaang


at first wanted to and planned to type a whole lot of complaints about my physical condition.

(i'm not going to say i'm fat, just now read someone's blog with the sentence i'm fat presented in various versions, i feel like puking when that particular person looks just greeeeat to me. but that's just a girl being a girl. i do that too heheh)

but the point is, this midterm break's rather physically challenging lo, what with LTC's teambuilding games and all, swimming, and now volleyball training camp.


tangan dan kaki sakit in various places...

: x

so i was just about to type a whole lot of complaints...

when suddenly i thought of others who are not as lucky as i am
to have fun in these places,
or don't even have legs,
or those born blind so they couldn't even see those pretty bruises on themselves...

darn, i'm lucky.

thanksgiving of the day:

thank you Lord
for giving me such a wonderful roommate
to tapau a nice dinner(星光豆腐饭chewwanjie do you remember~?) for me
so the invalid won't need to leave the room

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