Oct 13, 2010

slumber pahtayyy

organized first ever event at inti:

the mass communication club gathering night--slumber partayy!

the deco people (lynn tracy vicky) had these awesome ideas to decorate the room...previously it looked seriously ew... with white fluorescent lighting and gross beige blinds...

1. we used the ancient idea of using glass paper to cover the lights, creating a cool atmosphere, casting a soft light on everything, i do mean everything, making the whole place cozier, and the dirty stuff on the carpet and white boards aren't so noticeable either hehehe...

2. pulled up those beige blinds to lookout over the windows..nice night view too...

3. kennet brought along his disco ball thingy to splash colourful retro lights on the walls...nice..

4. created a corner with upright mattresses for peeps to take their pics...due to blogger's photo uploader having some problems, will upload those pics later...

5.got lots and lots of pillows and mattresses to pile on the floor, creating a cool slumberish feel~

6. and produced lots and lots of balloons, so stuck them on walls and ceilings with double-sided tape...huge thanks to Jo and Chiuling for saving those balloons whenever they fell down..surprisingly, those on walls kept falling off...but those on ceilings never did =)

according to Ian, this looked like a 'happy sperm'...
'let's have a happy sperm party!'


i don't care. that looked like a happy yellow balloon.

my outfit of the night: banana thing from danni ♥, polka dotted thingy from boutique, grey sweatpants courtesy of Dad ♥, and hello kitty bedroom slippers courtesy of roommate :)

crazy pillow fights all around... borrowed 45 pillows from the Accommodation Office. mounds and mounds of em'. a huge pain lugging them around though... i think some of the pillow cases were torn by the end of the night :(

me and lynn (teehee i like my expression)

didn't have much pics to show since i was busy the whole night...being organizing chairperson sucks.. i've never liked being part of the committee.. when you're just a participant, you can be as irresponsible and crazy as you want because you don't have any responsibilities or stuff to do....now that's the life~

here is Sandra in her outfit... looks rather obscene right? hahaha she's actually wearing shorts underneath...behind her is another idea hahaha... see those mattresses leaning on the wall? actually that's a place for people to take their pics with...this pic was taken during our preparation hours so the place still looked gross...

(my fav pic of the night: lynn, nicole, min2, charissa)

funniest pic of night: dont' worry la she wore something inside hahaha
anyhow, that night lots of people turned up in their slumber outfits, making the party fun .. luckily i wasn't the only one in them phew...

even our lecturer showed up in his red silk pyjamas and the club advisor wore his blue robe!

kennet, ms ng and me :)

on the whole, i was really really satisfied with the party :)
we achieved the 3 goals that we set for ourselves !!!!!

1. better deco and atmosphere
2. better food
3. make juniors feel welcome
(the purpose of these gathering nights was to integrate juniors into the mass comm club)

tenk kew to of 'juniors' who came despite having assignments due tomorrow teehee~
(those 'juniors' are all same age as me lo)

teehee... *feelings of satisfaction*

best dressed!

i did my job. whether you want to join in the games, that's your business.

(ok lar, i'm going to come clean whatever you say)

there have been some problems backstage..

firstly, i have been given late notice to start organizing this event, and a lot of other big clubs have made bookings for places, so if we don't start proposals and bookings and stuff soon, there won't even be a place left for a gathering, so i admit i did everything by myself without consulting my seniors, resulting in a very disgustingly awkward situation where i kena shoot and me being sullen sure pekcek de la..so our 'collaboration' started off badly...

but finally i think i overreacted, so decided to give us a second chance haha

secondly, one thing we forgot to do on the night of the event itself, was to introduce seniors and juniors to each other...
because weeks before the event, we purposefully met the juniors and got to know them...but our seniors didn't, so they had no idea who was who...
so some seniors felt sien, then they sat beside and didn't join in the games,
which almost defeated the purpose of the gathering altogether, the gathering was supposed to 'welcome juniors into the club and make it a chance for seniors and juniors to bond'.
but what can you do when juniors were having fun and seniors sat beside not playing??

next gathering, the emcee must intro them to each other....

me thinketh there's a reason behind everyone's actions, so i hope that next time, seniors and us 'juniors' could get to know each other better and cooperate more beeautifully~

that's all.

a huge thanks to my darling committees, participating juniors, and VIP's attendance~

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