Oct 6, 2010

the pond

went for a concert part of a series called bel canto with eileen last saturday.
it's a guitar and flute duo from scotland and ireland. woww~
i read about their upcoming concert in thestar newspaper,
but i didn't dream that eileen would have free tickets from her flute teacher!
those tickets were not cheap, it costs rm76 per pax. wheee~~

at first had some feeling of trepidation when i went in cause they were playing their CDs...

soft music all around..

i had slept late the night before so i was sooo worried i might fall asleep during the concert later :[

ladies and gentlemen,


aisling agnew and matthew mcallister~

they played a duet at the beginning, then a couple of solos each for the first half of the programme. matthew the guitar player was the speaker of the duo, introducing everything and chatting to the audience etc... i was thinking why aisling the flautist didn't speak a word at all...

the second half was naturally more exciting, with a song collaborating with a malaysian string quintet..not bad..i forgot what's the name..friends of strings or something like that...

who knew that guitar and flute could pair up so beautifully?

they played some latin pieces, some contemporary pieces, some baroque pieces...
but i personally think that latin stuff have more style for the duo~

hehe i didn't fall asleep lar...rather mesmerizing concert, so to speak, but a bit disturbed with fidgety kids. why are small kids allowed in was beyond my understanding. maybe yamaha was a music school with many small kids, so they were encouraged to attend. but, these kind of music was sometimes a bit hard for babies or toddlers to understand lo..... the 7 year old kid next to me kept playing with his transformer to pass the time away.

the kid behind me made oinking sounds to entertain himself.

poor parents. paid so much but still had to look after their kids, not being able to enjoy the concert properly. another reason not to have kids.

at the end, we encored~
(according to leesiauli, the civil way to 'encore' is not to shout, but clap continuously)
but malaysians' enthusiasm can't be portrayed in that way, so of course shouts of 'encore!'

haha...in my opinion, the last song was the best.
it's a celtic song, with a bit of scottish and irish element thrown in, called ' the round pond'..
when they started playing, suddenly images of a sparkly pond in the woods appeared in my head.... beautiful surroundings.......birds flitting from tree to tree.....leaves swishing in the gentle breeze...all in different variations of vivid green..... felt the soft grass under my feet...the round pond reflecting the sunlight...an old man sitting by the pond....


what a wonderful feeling.

i love that song. but that CD was sold out.

it's been a long time since i can so fully understand a song. sighs...

so... can i live without music?

sometimes, i seriously feel annoyed with myself when i saw facebook posts such as

'wow went for band practice just now! seems like i really can't live without music!'

'band rehearsals make me feel good! i love the feeling~'

'at flute workshop now~'

etc etc...

i feel depressed that i gave up six years, six precious years of french horn playing, just like that.

i am not sure whether to hate my own lack of financial funds to buy a french horn,

or be mad at myself for not going for my dreams to pursue music...

every time i yamcha-ed with those hhsb juniors, i know that there's no going back.

there's no way i can experience that euphoria of playing 'Titanic' or 'The Adventures of Professor Alex', or 'Alvamar Overture', or 'Ross Roy', or 'Noah's Ark', or 'Howl's Moving castle', or 'The Phantom of the Opera', or even 'Where Eagles Soar'.

there are countless other songs that i miss so badly,

sometimes i wish that they were real stuff so i can hug them.

there won't be the same people anymore,

or the same playing technique,

or the same instrument,

or the same conductor.

the moment is over,

encased forever in my memory.

impossible to duplicate.

i miss our brass quintets too.

khoo chong yew lee siau li wong sze yen chong wann shin ling ling chia elaine liao when are you guys coming back?


i hate life without music.

it sucks.

bass guitar is just not the same as the whole symphonic band reaching a crescendo together to shake the very depths of my soul.


let there be the greatest orchestra in heaven so i can play to my heart's peace for all eternity.

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