Oct 21, 2010


ohkay so it's time to update you guys on my supposed modelling experience.

i know last time i posted something about helping kay and all, but it took me some time before i can calm down and come to peace with myself. i've decided modelling is not for me, but this post makes it so much more worse because one of my favourite daily reads include coco rocha, one of the coolest models in living existence (go check out her blog )

background info: Kay's a makeup student at Sense & Style academy, who hosts some sort of show for their students as some kind of graduation showcase. She loved the idea of entering the show so i was roped in to be her model since the 'pro' model she hired was too busy or something like that. when i agreed, i had no idea that it's this show where there's gonna be loads and loads of people and you actually have to walk onstage with tons of stuff on you and etc etc etc.
(if i enter ANTM i would be the first one eliminated for complaining)

so, to emerge winner of the show, makeup artists are judged based on their creations which have to be done in exactly 1 hour and 15 minutes. bear in mind that this isn't the sort of everyday makeup.

its stage makeup where you goop loads and loads of colour and glitter on the model's face like it's an art and craft project. apart from gooping, you have to make sure that it looks really '3D' and blended.
so, ladies and gentlemen, its no easy job.

look at those scary eyelashes. its actually cut out of paper.
the usual type of fake eyelashes sold are not big enough.
haha i'm not wearing contact lenses either cause if i wear them you can't see the whites of my eyes altogether teehee.

(Kay pulled an all-nighter just to complete my dress,
so i felt that she's really tired and lost all her 'oomph'...
i tried my best to encourage her,
but after that i deflated too....
so..in terms of spirit,
i think we lost half the battle)

we reached KLCC at 8 in the morning, models and makeup artists rambling around, most shorter than i expected, i was expecting really really gorgeous models who were at least a head taller than me but hey we're in malaysia so most are around my height, few were shorter than me and a couple being a head taller than me O.o

went backstage for a go-through and some briefing. Backstage is really really cold, i think they're trying to kill off all the models with hypothermia before the actual event itself. most of us models were huddled together. a few were wearing oversized shades. i don't know about you but i have a thing for people who wear shades in dark places. are you really blind cause you're no posh spice. but some models are really funny and friendly lar.

got to know this gorgeous looking girl who (phew same as me) had no experience in modelling. she's studying business admin at Monash, yamcha-ing at Station 1 one day and was approached to help her makeup artist out. lucky loh, i thought i was the only noob there :)

the competition started at dunno what time, ganjeongness with everyone scrambling around to change, attach headdress, apply foundation, start face-painting and whatnot.

haha at this time all the models' faces were still bare,

with small single eyelids and buggy eyes...

when grace koh who tagged along for the day came back,

in her own words,' shocked weih all the girls eyes suddenly so BIG'


my head dress thing was attached, so i had to bear 5(?)kg of stuff on my head for 3 hours.

i so regretted not joining some tribes for training on how to carry stuff on your head early in my childhood.

just imagine this:
a really really heavy pot of plant with a small base on your head, fastened by 50 pins which were all jabbed in your scalp in a futile attempt to secure that monstrosity, then the whole thing would jerk your whole head, hair, and scalp along in any direction that you would care to tilt your head towards. you move an inch, that thing retaliates by grabbing your scalp. seriously, i thought my scalp wouldn't survive that 3 hours.

i was inwardly apologizing to my scalp for torturing it this way.

man, i'm sorry.

a robot doll with her makeup artist. those robot dolls had swords and guns and other cool stuff. so yeng!

finally the allocated hour is up and everyone has to stop. i couldn't sit on the chair due to my humongous dress, so i could only sink on the floor.

the above and below pics were all taken from my point of view--the floor.

this girl had a cape made of safety pins on her, i saw red rashes on her neck :x
(but at the end her artist won a 'creativity prize' so i guess its worth it)

some sort of little-bo-peep barbie model with a hat,
that hat idea was a stroke of genius since it
wont fall off
at. all.

see all those scary pins? but very chio lo, right before the show some were scrambling for safety pins to fix some last minute problems, haha no problem, just grab off her back...

on the left: me with my unfinished makeup since there's no time left.
on the right: me with the makeup i'm supposed to have on. i lacked another couple of petals on my left cheek.

by then i was just gritting my teeth and counting down the seconds. i also tried to distract myself from the pain by admiring other models.

this show was divided into a few categories, with the main theme being 'doll',
there were 'robot dolls', 'chinese dolls', 'barbie dolls', and 'ghost dolls'.

sorry i didn't take pics of them. i was in a foul mood that day.

i'm a barbie.



guess which's me?

come on la guess la don't just keep scrolling down.

ok don't want play already i'm first from left.

see my arm used to hold on to that stupid thing? we were supposed to have 8 poses in all, changing a pose every 10 seconds in a doll-like manner. but damn, when i walked out, my huge dress was wayy too huge and i kept stepping on it and there were so many people out there and some staff were helping me to sort out my dress and the music was so awesome and i was going 'ohshit ohshit ohshit' and i couldn't see anything since i didn't wear my specs or contacts and


i. freaked. out.

of all those 8 poses i've practiced to doll-like perfection, none of them catered to that monstrosity which teetered on my head and threatened to fall off with every minuscule move.

so basically i made a fool of myself.

and i moved the slowest i could kill myself but the dress so big what can i do ?


and i was at the very front of the stage. smiling like some barbie princess but inwardly cursing.

feeling sorry for myself in general until i saw the girl next to me. haha i know i'm bad to say this but at least i felt better when she posed once. (she made a mistake too she thought she was supposed to go first but at last she just made one pose)

good to know i'm not the only freak.

when i finally finally got backstage in an excruciatingly slow manner (the whole ensemble was killing me by that time) i started crying.

i don't know why i cried. Kay thought it's because the head thing hurt me too much. but actually, i think i cried because i've let her down. i think i f***ed-up majorly. i felt even more ashamed of myself after seeing other models with huge headpieces too. am i the only complainer?

maybe its because the base of my head piece was too small resulting in its instability. so i cried even more when i tried to apologize to her. argh damn stupid moment then. i knew that she was disappointed, i am also disappointed, we couldn't do anything and i just stood there in my 5 inch heels and cried. i couldn't even sit due to that stupid big dress.

after that models and their makeup artists had to go onstage once more for the finale and all stand there while awaiting the results to be announced.

honestly, i felt like i was part of a circus. or a freak show.

people who look like aliens or otherworldly creatures moving slowly, with surreal headpieces and glittering outfits which either amaze you or gross you out.


i think i would've loved it if i were part of the audience.

after that show ended,i couldn't face Kay and her family.

so i just rushed to meet darling margaret who came to klcc to fetch me to see danni off at klia.

damnit she's leaving for UK !!!!

that sorta puts everything back in perspective doesn't it?

cute passport

one last camwhore together.

last pic of the freeks with raven lee tagged as the oversized baggage.
(she left for johore that morning =[ )

bye dear *sobs*

(kelly tan for your information, she was talking on the phone with you while we were banging on the glass like idiots up there)

to Kay:
i'm not sure whether you would read this or not, but thank you for giving me this chance to experience modelling. for sure i'll not try it again but nevertheless it's a valuable experience. finally i can proudly say 'i tried modelling' hahaha. but for me, its a one time thing.

for you, you'll have to continue doing it. take this as an experience, learn from it. don't always listen to your teacher who may or may not be right.
i believe that you can and you will do it one day.
all the best :)

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