Oct 7, 2010


was struggling to finish my assignment yesterday night.
i have a tendency to be able to start doing assignments when the deadline is oh-so-near.
so, anytime before 12am, i won't start doing it.
shame on me.

anyway, i was trying so hard to find deceptive blogs,

almost to the point of tears.

then, happened upon Dr. M's

He posted something so utterly ridiculous,

i could only O.o

ladies and gentlemen,

is meritocracy racist?

in the post, our beloved 4th prime minister basically stated that the weak race must be helped. and those who advocate meritocracy are racists.
why are those who advocate meritocracy racist? because they advocate the race that is stronger.

ex-prime minister, please open your eyes and check your facts.

firstly, what is meritocracy?

the definition of meritocracy:
a system that gives opportunities to those with the ability and achievements, rather than to any particular race, religion, or age.

hello dr. m. advocates of meritocracy are not representatives of any particular race. they deserve what they get.

For example, in the meritocracy system, people move upwards through their ability and achievement. So you would naturally choose the person who is best suited for the post. you wouldn't choose another guy who would bankrupt your company just because of his race.

in the sports arena, athletes win because of meritocracy system. getting the first prize means that you're the best. you don't give the first prize to some random slow runner just because of his race.

So if Nicol David achieved her World number 1 title through her ability and achievements, she is an advocate or beneficiary of the meritocracy system. Is Nicol David racist too?

Dr. M also excused the bumiputera's racism.

my blood boils at 4a.m in the morning when i read this. how could he write those useless stuff?

Malaysia could be a wonderful, developed country. we're blessed so richly.

meritocracy has its merits.

do please consider this.

the condemnation of meritocracy system, in other words, the advocation of the racist system, would only bring our nation backwards.

professionals who could contribute much to our country would just leave for another country where meritocracy is highly used, and they're appreciated for their ability and achievements.

Dr. M, do you know what you're talking about?

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