Oct 5, 2010

ding dong

i am going to

although i promised myself not to rant about assignments here,

but i really kennot tahan.

what kind of assignment did ms ng give us????

locate 2 deceptive blogs on malaysian politics and identify the deceptions. investigate.

dangggg...i am not studying criminology or detective 101.

how am i supposed to know for real whether anwar ibrahim sodomised someone or not?

and in my quest to locate those 'deceptive blogs',

i had to force myself to read and filter through countless useless crap.

i had no idea why some people can write those stuff.

example regarding sex education in schools:
"There's one sure-fire way to reduce pregnancies - get more students to be GAYS"

yeah right.

the most behtahan thing is that this assignment was related to politics.

marina mahathir was right. no wonder no Malaysian youths were interested in Malaysian politics.

in US you have cool people like Obama(personal ew) being beacons for youths to follow,

to be a politician for the country...

in Malaysia, it's different.

politicians were a joke.

clowns to put Malaysia on the international map.

dang..what kind of nonsense do i have to go through for this assignment?


Rant number 2:
i am not interested to stay in a club that has no vision and no mission.
Don't live in the past and listen to your 'seniors' all the time.
your 'seniors' have already started a new club.
c'mon, wake up !

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