Oct 4, 2010

cool status update

'他不是你的守护天使,他是我的男人! 滚开!'
~by charissa chan

lol really loved this one. its a wonder how so many girls couldn't 'sek' do and stop getting other's boyfriends to help them out.

i get nauseated when i hear stories of girls getting boys who already had girlfriends to repeatedly:

help her out when her car broke down(where's your friendly neighborhood mechanic?),

listen to her break-up stories (where are your girlfriends?),

play facebook games with (facebook is a social website, go find new friends)

cheer her up ( you can find another clown to do that),

bring her to the doctor (where's your mom?),

watch movies together (you can ask your lecturer out),

celebrate her birthday with him alone (again, where are your friends?),

write romantic blog posts about them (go write something substantial like me),

call the guy pet names (like he's your pet)

get the guy to groom your quills (go to your porcupine salon ok?)

share tree bark and green grass with (those food are precious, don't do that)

ask the guy to help when she couldn't climb down the tree (there's the fire brigade)

as the alpha male of the pack, i don't think guys should treat their girlfriends that way and know where to draw the line with mating females interested for company.

wake up, lonelygurl123.

there'll be a lonelyguy123 waiting for you somewhere out there.

just don't touch others' guys , girls get jealous very very quickly.

one last thing: that status update isn't jealousy, it's a natural reaction :)

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