Oct 23, 2010


teehee, went to check out the campsite for the orang asli camp ICF & Malaysian Care will be organizing on late november.

it's at Port Dickson, the place for all affordable camps, and this particular campsite is called Golden Sands assembly or something like that.

hmm, about this camp, its for the orang asli youth, and the theme is 'Overcoming Temptations'!
what better way to overcome temptations than with Jesus with you all the way?
there're gonna be lots of games and this cool 'choice' tunnel for them to do~

heehee~ looking forward although we're only faccies~

anyways, part of the itinerary is 'Port Dickson's army museum'.

sounds boring right?


its actually quite cool and fun!

haha, i think its quite new,
and the place has loads of planes, tanks, war stuff i think guys would love~

nice museum too, better than i thought~

not much pictures to show though...

nice part of the fighter plane. girls only notice artwork. machine work? leave it to the guys..

the outfits Malayan soldiers wore back then. the cap was purposefully placed senget by me~

artistic Dutch gun on the left, ugly Malayan gun on the right.
Form over function, i see~

union jack !
this was the british part of the museum~

and then...

we entered the communist tunnel~

its this place remade to look like how those communists lived during that time:

bras and polka dot shorts~

i simply can't imagine living under those conditions. there was also this scary 'emergency room' area for those hurt and wounded. very bad medical facilities. poor communists, the sacrifice they made for Malaysia's independence from the Japanese :(

next stop: the campsite!

long flight of stairs down to the beach area~really windy, loved it :)

nice place, seems like a scene right out of some lion king movie, for animals or centaurs to have the annual meeting~ with this huge tree over everything..........what a tranquil place...

short brainstorming meeting later......

beach time!

li ann and random camp ground rules~

and they played frisbee...

my hair colour is looking lighter now... that day, someone asked me this:

'what happened to your hair?'
'why is it.....*long pause, frowns, can see the brain churning*.............not black?'


whatever, after that had totally gorgeous dinner at this yong tau foo place i've been going to ever since i was a kid~

will intro and do some PR for it one day,


hehe, that's all, after that we went back to inti since i had this volleyball training camp to attend.

haiz, 5 people squeezed in the backseat for coupla hours is no fun experience....


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