Oct 20, 2010



wow wow WOWW ! !

words actually can't describe my feelings right now..

today is 20th of October, making it 20-10-2010 and the subject of various facebook status updates.

it's also shirley's birthday~

so eileen asked me out to sorta celebrate her birthday~

originally eileen just wanted to watch this weird chinese movie,

but since its also shirley's birthday, we treated it as an occasion lo~

congrats shirley, you're officially 22 years old :)

anyway, the movie we were supposedly watching is called

'reign of assassins'

starring our very own datuk michelle yeoh~

i wasn't very keen on chinese movies because they always let me down..
with lame predictable storylines and stuff in general......................................
but anyway, since i was the one being asked along, i just went to see how was it............

first, we had dinner at the usual kimgary, shaking with hunger while waiting for our orders...

for the first time i timed their serving...

not bad, 16 minutes to serve everything in one go~

satisfied my craving for the korean stone rice~

then went to lavender to pick up some bread for my highness eunice koh for her breakfast tomorrow...since she hates her job and all, its only fair that i get her something to make her day happier~ its been a long time since i went to that particular bakery, lots of new stuff, i see...

then ........ to the movie...


pure entertainment.

when the movie ended, i just sat there, heart pounding, unable to leave...




this movie by John Woo and a new director called Zhao-Ping Su was totally cool to say the least.

it's an action movie, it's a love story, it's a martial arts movie, it's a story of revenge...

The reason that it deserves my praise?

this movie contains:

cool action moves and special effects that don't make you feel they're fake,

full of lenglui actresses who can really act and fight,
UNPREDICTABLE storylines that make you fall out of your seat,

great filming from all angles,

good lines that the actors deliver,not lame stuff like the usual fare they spew,

a good balance of funny scenes in the movie,
(trust me most of the laugh out loud moments in the movie include Barbie Hsu hahaha)

nice deep plots,

a very strong cast (including  戴立忍,余文乐,王学析, 林熙蕾 who weren't in the pic)
see jung woo sung second from the right???? HE'S HOT!!!! no doubt about that~

and a happy ending to boot


as i told you before, its also a love story. at first i was thinking like, hehm, just another shaolin kungfu thing, then i was rather puzzled by the sudden change of pace to make way for the love angle, then after that i was totally immersed in the wonderful gushing river of the story,

all in all, a really really really good story told.

the way the camera was angled wasn't the job of any amateur, it wasn't just another lame action flick, it wasn't Hollywood-wannabe material either.

it. was. cool.

the thing i love most about the movie?

the director had brains.

it wasn't just brawn all the way.
i've watched those lame kungfu movies or chinese war movies that were supposed to be good but they wasted 2 hours to let the audience see fighting fighting fighting and forgot what kind of story they were supposed to be telling.
this movie, apart from cool fighting and good unfake effects,
still delivered the big picture and refused to lose itself in fighting.
the director (who also wrote the script) put alot of meticulous details in it.

ohmigosh i am so in love now. not to mention the main actor was hot too hahaha
(actually the way he was portrayed in the movie wasn't hot, its the way he acted which made him so hot!!!! i know i sound confusing here just watch the movie to know what i mean)

the chinese movie industry, there is still hope in you yet!!!!!!

aaaah, so excited can't sleep. i feel so happy when i have been watching movies that let me down so many times and *pop* out of nowhere comes this kind of totally cool movie that surpasses all expectations and leaves the consumer exceptionally delighted :]

there were some really cool lines in the movie too, but i won't post it here to be spoilers heheh
but just one:


lame translation:
' i am willing to become a stone bridge, 
go through 500 years of sun, rain, and wind,
 just to let her pass the bridge once.'

it was used to describe the degree of love the guy felt in the movie~

go on, watch it, i promise you that you won't regret it.

(for all those bananas out there,
the subtitling is enough,
the malay couple sitting beside me enjoyed it too)

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