Oct 11, 2010

lime green lollies

attack of nostalgia ...

i really loved this when i was a kid,

next to those ice cream potongs...

wall's tubs of tri-colour ice creams...

primary school plastic syrup ice sticks...

but i digress...

i was really surprised when i did an experiment while i was teaching in kindergarten.

kiddies were rewarded with stickers when they finish their water,

so whenever i let them choose the sticker of their choice,

what surprised me the most,

was that kids don't necessarily choose the largest ones.

at that time, jaded me was thinking,

'go on, go choose that biggest flashiest one before the others get it.'

but their small chubby fingers invariably pointed towards the small sticker of their choice,

not the biggest, not the most colorful nor the cutest.


as kids grow up,

they start to notice adults obsession with size,

bigger cars, bigger houses, bigger TV sets....

and perceive the importance of size for themselves...

thus gradually entering the rat race for bigger and better stuff.

better toys. better Ben10 bottles. better handphones.

humans get disgusting when they grow up.


haha, as i was talking about earlier...

so now people strive for baskin robbins, haagen-daazs, movenpick....

(ice creams without chocolate chips aren't ice creams!)

blinded by choices, choices, choices...

and ignored those simple ice lollies in life.

green lime lolly, i love you

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