Oct 3, 2010

and so we meet again~

after a few months (?!) we finally got a chance to meet again..

the occasion?
maimai will be starting her job soon, after that she will be wayy too busy to meet us :[
and jiatong from kampar finally gets a sem break~

so we met up~
(venue: pyramid, as usual. i'm getting bored of pyramid, but malaysia seems to consist of nothing but shopping malls. and the weather was so hot, all i could do was stay indoors )
any suggestions of cool fun places?

anyhow, hunger won over and had brunch at this new taiwanese restaurant. i forgot the name. nice interiors though.

laimo and jiatong. her grin is as big as ever. :D

camwhore queen.
too bad the camera was so slow motion,
or else if got their pic inside this pic would've looked gorgeous. :x

they weren't too hungry, so ordered this thingy to share.
(i was the only one who ate this HUGE serving of red wine fried rice *coughs*)

this thingy, is not fishball ok, it's made from sweet potato, and it tastes not bad.
from full plate to the last one. (i ate the last one haha)
the name is '地瓜球', but maimai called it '番薯粒'. typical maimai lol..

series of maimai cooperating with me to get the best pic.
plan failed due to the camerawoman laughing too hard haha.
the 3rd one looks okay though.

nice chopsticks. rather heavy.

fishyi & maimai, best roommates eva~ i like to see them wrestle. entertaining hahahahah.

laimo and the taiwan 'chua ping', became VERY milky in the end. maimai couldn't tahan.

peanut ice. looks great but it gets rather nauseating.

rounds of shopping later... (cotton on 50% off all sales stock! which scarf should i get?)

we also bumped into various hinhua-ians - ivan, jw, mc, xynn... ivan became so thin!
he felt so tall back then, but now after becoming thin (much like hayyoong) it seemed as though he lost height. weeellll, will get him out to yamcha one day...
but felt rather awkward chatting with some others...those who weren't really friends back then, won't magically become friends now.

wondermouth jiatong became hungry, and we headed for our favourite haunt--kim gary to get lunch haha.
EVERY single time we go pyramid, we will go kim gary. even the waiter recognized us. laimo went to the washroom first, so we went on inside. when laimo entered the restaurant later, the waiter didn't say anything, he just pointed at our table... ==''

deng, we must've left a very deep impression on him, what with our loudness and kacau-ness...

if you go facebook to look at our gathering pics,
80% of them were taken in kim gary.
the other 20% were taken in forever 21.

my very disgusting vitagen ice-blended. vitagen is not meant to be ice-blended. ugh.

i left early and dropped jiatong off at the ktm station.

good luck girls:
maimai with her new job,
jiatong with her sem break,
fishyi with her new roommate at HELP, and laimo with her new life.

p.s: hahaha, that day i was flipping through my notebook and i discovered something....

so i promised myself a present! wanted to get a new bag for so long...
that cotton on zebraaa can only do so much.
but i was like thinking to get or not to get, seems to waste money, etcetc,
and so now i have a valid reason to reward myself, no? 4.0 babeh!

(haiz but with the way things are going this sem's results gonna suck)

(time to finish this post and scoot my assignments...
what it is with ms ng and her deceptive blogs?????)

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