Sep 7, 2010



its a bird!

its a fish!

it's supergirl!

pheww...i've come to a conclusion.

make up = face painting = pointless.

not to mention those taiwanese shows where they get totally gorgeous girls to wash off their makeup to reveal the (uhm...scary?) girls under layers of paint...
all my guy friends were so shocked...and worried..
hahahahahhahaha its great fun laughing at can practically see the fear in their eyes...
forever after they were going on about getting girlfriends they have seen without makeup...
especially those dear friends who will be going to taiwan (the land of gorgeous girls with makeup)

actually, on the other hand, i think Xiaxue's reasoning for makeup is pretty reasonable(forgive the pun) : "face painting is a means to 'pretti-fy' oneself without going for the drastic action of plastic surgery"

but but but but..

who would want to have nippon weatherbond slathered on your face ?
(hmm..change to colourland in support of tanshinyi~~)

although the paint's name might be changed to classier versions such as
anna sui, majolica majorca(what does that mean anyway), chanel etc....
that doesn't change the fact that you ARE painting your face.

with all your sensitive pores on it.

and potential pimples on it.

and when you think about it, its actually

for your eyes
colour pencils
(also) for your eyes
(our society is way too fixated with eyes; i haven't added in tar paint for eyelashes)
oil based paint
for your lips

a dazzling array of gauche taupes
for any other exposed skin on your face

and last but not least, painting brushes.

why this sudden tirade on painting?

since i was Kay's model for her upcoming competition, i had to attend her make up practices.
(Kay's a makeup student at Sense & Style subang)

yesterday night was her practice session aand ...

so i was sitting there, and thinking, and thinking..


the teacher did my eye for about few hours.

few hours.
(okay maybe i was exaggerating, but at least 2 hours)

sitting there.

my eye. singular. E.Y.E.

i have absolutely absolutely absolutely no idea how celebs or models could stand it.

just sitting there and closing your eyes and feeling numerous unidentified things poking your eyes, painting your face, and murmuring things about how small your eyes were ;o;

when i felt those brushes painting my face,
i finally understood why they say that faces are canvases.
they really do "paint on the face"!

a huge bow in respect to all those artistes out there who went through this on a daily basis!

the end product:

reminds me of 5566's 王仁甫,not sure why hahhaah...

outfit for the day I springfield

the colour pencil version they were supposed to achieve on-face

what did i tell you??? no kidding there were mixed colours!! with water etc ohmigosh i feel like painting ..

lookatthosecolours *hyperventilates*

i liked dark blue..reminds me of peacocks or some other exotic left eye was cerulean blue which was lighter and weirder...dark stuff for the eyes are always better~

after i got home spent ages scrubbing the paint off....

another point why it really felt like painting... i used the new makeup remover, called
Mandom cleansing express:

watsons was loaded with stuff with japanese writing lately and although i love it,
i have to admit i have no idea what they were about.
those short and sweet english translations can only do so much.

Kay lent me this one but i'm gonna get one soon.
its really really nice to use
unlike those where your eyes start to water after using,
its NOT oily~
and the main thing: its faaast man, its fast.

one thing i hate about makeup is that it takes a looong time to clean it off,
but now i think it took me around 10 minutes to clear off those stage makeup.

if usual punya makeup i think only 2 minutes lo.

gotta get one soon~!

p.s: mona raven lee xiao hui is on her way back! currently i think she's on the train, will see her tomorrow morning for a non-stop food fiesta! lets hope i stay thin =]
(which colour better?)

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