Sep 26, 2010

to tell you the truth ?

confession number one:

i have 39 friend requests on my facebook right now.

first and foremost i know there might be people who have more friend requests than me or might think i'm showing off or whatever just ignore my insecure ramblings.

but the thing is.

i don't like unfinished stuff nagging at me. with that red number indicating how many people requesting.

and that's not all.

complaint 1:

those people might have 195 mutual friends with me but i still have no idea who they are.

complaint 2:

those people start protecting their privacy or put random useless profile pics of cartoon characters or 'artistic' shots that give me no idea of who they are. but still persist on adding me.

complaint 3:

if you're named joyce koh, then please put joyce koh as your name.
don't put weird names like 'weird guy123' or 'miko kawaii' don't kid me you're not japanese.

getting increasingly irritated by facebook.
sorry if i haven't approved or ignored you in the past.
i have seriously no idea who you are or i haven't gotten the time to start wracking my brains to do detective work to figure these mysteries out.

this is not a pointless rant.

the reason i had a facebook account in the first place is because i disliked friendster with its phony race to see who has the more friends.

come on, having 3 or 4 full accounts means what? you're really that popular in real life?

anyhow, the other thing about facebook is,
there too many personal private stuff people throw on it.
it made me worry sometimes.

for example,

'hi my new handphone number is 019-3567878'.
duh. go write your number on public toilets lah. its the same thing.

'hey girls let's meet at pyramid sushi king on 28 jan 12:30pm.'
duh. any rapist would be there waiting for you.

'facebooking during work hahaha'
duh. see if your boss is on facebook too.

real-life case:
'facebooked for an hour at class haha'
the discipline teacher signed in facebook at that exact time. so who's laughing now?

honestly, i'm speechless at those nonsense people do sometimes.

don't you have any common sense?

do you know computer technicians or any hacker can retrieve everything(i mean everything. every status, every comment, every photo) you've ever done on facebook in an hour?

there goes your chance at a good paying job in that huge company. you think you're the only person that facebooks? those HR people do too.

come on people. be smart.

know where the line is.

and for those who think that they have 2,000 friends, don't kid yourself.

you're just being ignorant.

do the maths. in every 1,000, there might be 1 hacker.

the odds are there.

so please filter who are your friends and stop adding strangers left and right.

it's irritating.


(okay no offense here just ranting about this weird tool in our lives that's almost inseparable)

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