Sep 20, 2010

so you're now in liverpool

haha this girl requested me to write a blog post about her so here it is.
she is danielle tan shin yi, currently at university of liverpool getting her law degree.

she's a freek, but only by membership. she's the most normal freek among us. honestly. haha so she's the one who maintains our sanity. anyway, this tanshinyi i know is an amazing girl.
she has astounding abilities to learn and persevere.
at first the old shinyi i knew was a girl who didn't draw much, sucked at maths, and feels bad about her english level.

and now, her drawings were much much better than me (she draws sucker mouth fishes and weird people with huge hair hahaha)
her maths were so cool,
and her english? (go read her blog)

to tell you the truth, i couldn't do that. so she's one of my all time heroes~

i remember the time when we took econ together, then she and i would always snick down to get nuggets to eat or something. she would start doodling her fishes in notebooks but then she always manages to emerge the top in the results...argh...

she also loves making lists. all of her lists consist of 'brands i like', then there would be lists and lists of chanel, prada, miumiu, CK, coach, and a lot of unpronounceable couture brands....heheh, tanshinyi, don't max out your credit card in UK alright?

tanshinyi ah, i dunno what to write liao la, i wish u all the best in liverpool and please remember to get topshop stuff for me~

ps: i really have to say this again. you look great without your braces. *bling*

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