Sep 20, 2010

so i'm back

after a month long break, i can honestly say that i actually miss inti...although that feeling is rapidly disappearing as the age old questions of where to eat, what to wear pops up again...
hmm...this holiday was especially special for me, because this is my first holiday that i didn't have much to do with the band.

for 6 long years, all my holidays were sacrificed for band tours, practices, concerts, competitions, camps, marches, sectionals.....
well, i didn't regret any of those time because if i'm left at home, all i would do is sleep, watch tv and mindlessly grow fat.

however, this time is the time that i get to plan my own holidays~ wheeee~~
i have to say, i planned it quite well..first week into the sem break, i went gaga and spent all my time and money yamcha-ing till late at night, sleeping till late in the morning and generally making myself literally worn out with fun...

then mom couldn't stand my lifestyle and demanded that i get a job or get a life.
(my mom's phobia is people who sleep late haha)

what to do? of course i got a job.

what job? 10 out of 10 people would never get it right if i asked them to guess.

all my friends, acquaintances, or relatives couldn't imagine me doing this.

haha. me being kindergarten teacher so unbelievable meh?
(i'm mostly in charge of 3 year olds)

after my sem break i totally miss those kids so please bear with me while i recount what i miss about them~

this is emmanuel teh. he's three and he's the most sensitive kid i've ever met. i think he'll be totally good looking when he grows up too. he has great skin and a good temperament. the first time i saw him, he requested a bib from me. after his meal, he folded up his bib by himself! wowww!


once, he accidentally ran into a friend and knocked that friend down. he was slightly bumped on the head too. however, when he went home he told his mom that he 'beat' a friend. how many honest kids do you get like this nowadays??? if i ever get a kid of my own, i would send it to emmanuel's mom for training~

this is wolczeck. he's 3 years old and he has an impressive vocabulary consisting of 'fire extinguisher', 'putu mayam', and many other words. he's quirky and rather pompous. but nevermind, i still love him.

this is leow hong yuan~he is 3 years old and i had an ongoing love-hate relationship with him. once he bit me on my hand because he got mad. but when he's sweet, i'm not joking. i can feel my heart melting...aww.... i think he's going to be casanova when he grows up. all the ladies can't resist him...he's totally clever and able to concentrate too. i know this may not seem like much but for 3 year old kids, not many could do that. i knew some kids who are destined to be klutzes...ahhh..miss him so bad.

anyway, this was my second time working here. before starting my degree, i worked morning shifts. when it's time for me to leave its always around 1pm which is their nap time. he always refused to sleep, then all the other teachers would tease him and ask him to get into my bag and follow me home. (as i always use huge bags)
he always starts screaming when i put my bag near him. heheh.

but this time during my sem break, on my last day there. he actually put himself into my bag to follow me home!

ohmigosh how i wish i could.

this is chloe. funny how all 3 year old chloes i know are clever, cute, and has huge beautiful eyes.
i don't know much about her because she's rather quiet. that hello kitty looks creepy though.

this is louis. he's 3 years old. he used to be one of my favorite kids until he learnt the word 'no'.
we wrestle on a daily basis. he loves to use the phone and pretend to talk big business. he also loves to make guns from lego bricks. i think the toy kids love most is the gun. argh the effects of media on society.

wheee..this is william but i call him 'willum'. i love him so bad. he's my favorite. (yes i play favoritism but only with him) he's fat and opinionated. he loves kiddie songs but he hates cartoons. he always has a little half smile which makes me want to laugh whenever i see him. according to willum fans club vice president grace koh, he looks like a korean star.

willum staring longingly at the box. see his half-smile?
its like he up to something but he thinks you don't know about it.

this. is reika.
she has the plumpest cheeks. she's the same age as willum. i would love it so much if they were good friends but they're not. they rather competitive with each other hahaha. she's half japanese and she doesn't talk much. she just looks at the world through her big clear eyes and opens her mouth into a small 'o' to yell when something makes her mad (usually willum)
she seems like some clever owl.
totally squeezable girl~~~~


actually there are lots and lots more kids i would love to talk about but some i didn't get pics of. having a job as a kindergarten teacher was totally fun although i lose my voice sometimes. so for those people who will be graduating from high school soon, don't get promoter type jobs because in comparison, there are other jobs who were better. (in my opinion lah)

heheh, that's all for now, i gotta do my first assignment now.

(first day first class first assignment)

no wonder i feel like screaming.

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