Sep 9, 2010

raven mona freaking lee is backk!!

wowweeee~today i'm gonna intro one of my favritt friends in the whole wide world~
we've been in the same class since junior 1 till senior 3,
being sotongs all the time, doing crazy stuff...
she's practically my best partner in crime :]

anyhow, she went to johore for her occupational therapy course,
and is back for a short study week.
(even government schools have study week. how about inti??? *glaring stare*)

tanshinyi at the back~ i got durian puffs for her, since she was so clearly craving for that malaccan durian puff....i think she's busy eating or something...

even though i was late, but the 'date' with monmon and tanshinyi went well~
(of course well lah what'd u expect argh this sentence is lame)

firstly, we went for bakkutteh because shinyi's going to UK soon,
so authentic Klang Bak Kut Teh must be stuffed as much as possible.
but ah, that raven mona recommended de bak kut teh tak boleh pakai lo...

so i didn't take any pics of the 'bak' ...

monmon having her bak kut teh noodle...

the moral of the story is: not every bak kut teh restaurant in Klang is authentic.... =(

ooh before i forget i got another belated birthday present from shinyi~

did i ever mention my love for bananas?
ever since i got that banana pencil case, banana keeper, banana keychain, banana mirror, etc~

now got new banana thingy to add to the collection~
will show off my collection one day heheh~
thanks shinyi~ i will hug it and think of you~

(addition to the team)

went subang to look for SAM gal kelly tan.
she ah...everytime lugged huge bags of books with her wherever she goes...
maciam backpack patrol lo....

actually, i think she's really cool to come out with us even though trials are around the corner etc.
if you know kelly tan, she'd never let herself 'slip'for a sec,
but this year she changed a lot wakaka,

all the best for your trials and actual exams dear kelly~ since you will be the only one left in the same state as me, lets hang out after your nightmares are over~

but i digress...

shinyi + kelly

me vant take too~

honestly, raven mona lee doesn't look very partner-in-crime-ish in this pic lo...
she became more 'lady' jor...although she insisted she's smiling...

argh i feel like crying the longer i look at these pics...shinyi's cut her hair short, cause getting a haircut at a normal salon at UK costs 50 pound sterling.... (??!!)

here's a funny story about shinyi and her mom:

shinyi : mom, i think i will let my hair grow long since it costs so much to get a haircut there.

mom: (silence)

[at hair salon later]

mom (to the hairdresser): give her a short haircut that will last for 9 months!

-the end-

hahahaa...i think its really sweet to see them like that......shinyi kept telling us stories about her how they went 'unlimited shopping' with her when before they had to argue to buy any stuff, then her mom waking her up to cry about her daughter growing up, etc etc.....

people always start to treasure stuff or people when its almost too late or too late..
its the way of life, so thank God i had a chance to have this wonderful sem break at a wonderful time to fully appreciate my dear 'departing' friends~

i don't care... i do treasure every moment, (until my finances are in problem liao )

and i really and truly hope that 10, 20, 30 years later,

we can still sit around a table and do crazy stuff like today....

friends forever yea~

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