Sep 11, 2010

rakuzen ♥ eunice's convo

wheee eunice koh yan ci hez finally graduated!!!!
haha actually her degree in psychology is only 3 years lar..
it just feels very exciting to menghadiri a convocation, since mom & dad had to work,
i get to go in their place !!!

since the dress code is formal, we're all dressed up early in the morning..
its totally weird to be wearing formal so early that it's still dark out...
the whole 'feeling' is like going to some dinner, but my body is still in 'blur' mode....@.@

anyway, bro got the idea of having hainan tea for breakfast...
like most good food in malaysia, all of it has to be in unappetizing places..
this hainan 'cham' was situated in Pasar Imbi,
hidden amongst stalls selling veggie and whatnot...
and us all dressed in formal having breakfast there....


but all the discomfort is worth it~ cause this tea truly rocks!!!!

hehehe if u really know me, i am a 'cham' fan!!!
('cham' is a beverage, which is coffee and tea blended in perfection)


this 'cham' is really nice, smooth and delicious~
paired with crispy roti bakar and half boiled egg...

*sighs with pleasure*

florists taking full advantage of the situation~
bro refuses to fall into the trap of buying expensive bouquets..
('says who we need to buy flowers for the graduand?')
then he started ranting about the powers of advertising and PR
(hey! mass commer here! waves hand)
which created the stupid tradition of wasting money for one good meal to get pointless flowers which will wilt or gather dust either way.

hmm... i don't care. they look good in photos =P

Spot her! Koh Yan Ci~

at the procession~ coming in~

taking pics while waiting for the never-ending procession.... heheh



congrats to the new graduate!

moved outside to take photos~ people people people everywhere....

wheee eunice with pretty janice~ my high school roommate~

finally my turn to take with her
(in between there were countless pics of her and her mostly nameless classmates which i selfishly won't upload here heheh)

actually i was her photographer of the day lo~ luckily someone took this pic of me :]
whenever someone appears, sis would sort of flap her hand and i will report for duty, camera in hand~

(owch, i was thinking who would be so kind to be my photographer on my own convo?)
*bro sez he refuses to come down to nilai since he knows i will take endless pics* :(

credits of this pic to kahliang's camera ~ i am so joining the DSLR wannabe club soon!

lookee here! all of the 'psycho' graduates together~ look at all those bouquets! those florists must be laughing their heads off all the way to the bank......

on another note, while they were taking this group pic, a couple of foreign tourists passing by decided to take a pic with them as their background...

but the parents and camerapeople boo-ed them away...


i think this was rather unpleasant of malaysians lo....
its just a pic, and its not like you guys already had 1,000++ photos of this same pose la..
so unsporting....
we're supposed to be warm and welcoming malaysians who are truly asians right??

herm...if i took a trip overseas, i hope i can take this kind of pics heheh, don't boo me please~

me and philip koh fooling around while waiting for your highness eunice koh to get her stuff...

the sun was so hot....our eyes were becoming smaller....and smaller..... - -

congrats~ strive for tomorrow~

hahhahaha~ next stop:


ooh~celebratory lunch for the graduate~

i wonder...why the japanese had to wrap their chopsticks in paper?
i'm getting quite fixated with this...some of the wrappings are really beautiful~~
maybe i will get a job as chopstick wrapper designer...
mamak wrappers ngek ngek~

ordered my usual unagi~
(that day watched cooking show where the guys had to cook eel....eew...
i had no idea chefs go through this torture to prepare my beloved unagi...
i forgot they actually look like snakes when all the time they appear to me in glorious grilled form)

and beef assorted sushi platter~~~

huge hunk of leaf-shaped wasabi~ we managed to kaotim 3/10 of it only =[
waste of food...

japanese food is totally deceptive.
in those set meals you think the portion is very small and then thinks you can manage it.
but in reality, you need to kaotim the main course, soup, fruits, chawanmushi, sushi etc...

at the end...

bursting stomach :(

this sem break i totally got my lesson.
my stomach seemed to have shrunk, resulting me being unable to stuff much food.
so one single japanese set can finish me off... K.O... =[

so we just ordered two sets, feeling full and satisfied, since me and eunice koh can't eat too much anyway...

argh i must train my appetite back...
i love Rakuzen, totally fresh ingredients and great service.

(licking my chops)

but according to food connoiseur margaret tan, she sez sushi tei at singapore ees better...
i don't care, rakuzen is great~

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