Sep 27, 2010

my version of maslow's hierarchy of needs

ladies and gentlemen, today, i re-introduce to you, maslow's hierarchy of needs.
this colorful pyramid is basically about the needs that human beings have to fulfill in order to achieve the highest order of fulfillment -- the self actualization.

anyway, this had been lingering in my mind for some time, applying it subconsciously to most things i meet in my life, trying to see what level i had achieved....

but now, i believe i had achieved the highest order~!

rather than striving for self actualization pointlessly, i decided to 'think out of the box',


inspiration struck!

i came to the conclusion that the original version is too complicated,
and thus came up with my own.

(disclaimer: this hierarchy of needs applies to me and me only)


joyce's hierarchy of needs

my physiological needs include crab, sushi, har gow (prawn dumpling), and beef~ these stuff are not chosen randomly, they are my sustenance.

in conclusion, after i achieved physiological fulfillment through these, i shall feel safe, loved, confident, and totally in self-actualization mode.

woweee, isn't that great? without physiological fulfillment, i am unable to start working on my assignment.

so, now it's time to search for that elusive dimsum. let's hope that the guy is selling them tonight.

*staggers off in hunger*

p.s: do you think my heirarchy can be applied to most Malaysians?

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